i feel really sick and im annoying

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  1. metalhead123

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    i feel sick and i feel like im dangerous to others cause i cant communicate with them the way like others,i cant pay attention in school,i always got severe grades and i always think about how will i sleep at home or stuff like that,rather said i feel like i cant think calm and i think about future even if my future is poor i feel like stupid,i feel embarassed,and shy,...
    everytime when i come home from
    school i feel horrible,like i lost everything,and want to hide deeper from life...
  2. A_pixie

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    You don't enjoy school much that's probably why you're having trouble concentrating? It's hard to concentrate on things when you look around at everything and think "this is such shit..."

    Have I totally missed the mark there? :S
  3. metalhead123

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    ,no u didnt..... thanks u helped me a little bit,its me.im a jerk....:smile: :bash: :lost:
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  4. A_pixie

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    Are there any friends at your school who have noticed you're distracted? Or parents or someone? What do you hate about school so much if you don't mind me asking?

  5. metalhead123

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    no there is no one who cares for me and i feel like i doesnt deserve it,im a fool....i cant really explain my feelings,they are indescribable,i feel like i changed my mind really sudden,it was two years ago,and gradually i just stopped to care about school...
  6. Melmoth the Wanderer

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    I have the same problem. No one seems to understand what I'm talking about half the time, as if people have little patience for or interest in what I'm saying. I seem to get on people's nerves quickly, and it's easier for me to make enemies than it is to make friends. At times, I feel like everyone around me thinks I'm an idiot.

    Have you ever been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD? I take medication for ADD, and it's helped me my ability to concentrate. Some people are against meds for ADD, but it was my own decision. No one pressured me into it.

    I also feel very tired, even exhausted, after school. Social situations exhaust me, and I usually need time to recuperate afterwards. Do you think you're tired because of the socializing involved with school, or do you think it's because of the constant struggle to pay attention and keep your mind from wandering?

    If none of this sounds right, of course, just ignore all this. :smile:
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    Nobody cared about me at school either even when my dad had a heart attack. School does strange things to people, it turns people who you would get on with brilliantly outside into insensitive people to be around. It truly is like prison. I'm so sorry you're going through school, I find that most people who enjoy school were bullies (I count purposely ignoring someone as bullying, like silent bullying) how long do you have left before you have the option to leave?
  8. dazzle11215

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    that sounds horrible... how much longer do you have at school? i know i felt like a space alien my entire 4 years at high school... i even switched schools my last year so i could get away from my old school. my old principal called me into his office and said to my face "you'll never amount to anything" .... what an asshole.
    in the end i've found a job that lets me try and communicate in ways other than words: artist. i use my photos to share my feelings, even though i still might not have the actual words to communicate to another human being. a recent series of photos are here: http://www.marmiteontoast.com/portfolio/personal/index.html

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    Melmoth the Wanderer:it doesnt sound strange,and i dont think that u are an idiot...cause u are an
    understandable human,and that doesnt mean u r and idiot though.... i feel like i cant pay attention in school and i hate my schoolmates,but its more cause of my mind i have problems to deal with my unimportant thoughts,thats the major problem. maybe i m suffering from ADHD but im not sure,i have never been with a psychologist,so i dont know my diagnosis.

    catherine & tinypixie
    i feel like an alien too,no one understands me...and i must stay in school one more year,before ill get the option to leave.
    im sorry that your principal said stuff like that...
    you know,people are sometimes mean,especially personnel in school...but im sorry for that...
    and by the way,its cool that u are a photgrapher,and your pictures are awesome ! i cant really comment it cause i dont know much about photos,but from what ive seen i it was interresting and deep !
    and im sorry tinypixie about things that happened to you,and u r right,the most of people in school are bullies(and i see u have big emotional understanding...).

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