I feel silly writing this

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    Hey guys,

    I feel a bit silly writing this... but if it helps I'm all down for it :) I've been going through a few things recently and i guess that they have all built up. I got told that my grades at university are not good enough to do honours which is a bit draining. The lady told me " perhaps you should try thing in life instead of psychology", right when i have nearly finished my degree. But i think the thing that has really made me feel really sad, vulnerable and shit about my self is that i got rejected by this guy. I seem to keep falling for guys who don't like me back, and i fall really hard, not just a crush. People keeping telling me " don't worry you'll find someone soon" or "you're a good looking guy don't worry", but when i keep getting rejected it's starting to really destroy my self esteem. In the past I'd fall for people who were overly confident and vein, i found it very appealing. But i finally found someone who i think is similar to myself for the first time my whole life who i want to be with. And finding out he doesn't feel the same way has really hit me hard, i do want to move on, it's just really damaged my self esteem.

    It's a bit of a tacky thread... but i felt like i needed somewhere to vent.

    Thanks :)
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    I am glad you are venting and i do hope you do not give up on you ok. If you want to go on and work in psychology then do so Don't let other people hold you down. hugs
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    Don't feel silly for writing here, that's what this place is for :) Slightly confused though, you said you keep falling for guys then that people say you're a good looking guy. Was that a mistake or are you gay? Either way don't feel silly lol. But had to make that point in case being gay was an issue for you and holding you down. You can vent here all you want, do you feel you could go for the honours if you tried harder or you are not able to?

    Vent away all you want here, lots of caring people here who will only be glad to help. Also welcome!! :)