I feel so alone

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    Throughout my life, I have went through many traumatic things. Being as young as I am, I have never met anyone who understands what I've been through. It makes me feel hopeless that I'll always be truly alone
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    kk2000, i am so sorry that you are having a bad time and have suffered through difficult things. and i'm sure that this is not the response that you are looking for (and i'm sure it will be universally dismissed), but i am not sure that life is meant to be a team sport. we come in alone, we go out alone, and each of ours is the only name on the scoresheet. the truth is that we can love people and surround ourselves with friends and family and all other manner of people with whom we can celebrate and commiserate, as circumstances warrant. in the end, though, our lives and what we choose to do with them is strictly up to us, individually. we cannot control fully if and when bad things (or good things happen); some of that is "chance," some is fallout from the choices made by other people within whose blast radius we happen to wander. but we can control whether our lives matter, whether we have value (which, of course, each of us define subjectively). don't spend your time worrying over whether you will be "truly alone." that approach is virtually guaranteed to rain stress and unhappiness down upon you. accept that we all play this game alone, and spend your energy finding and pursuing those things that matter to YOU . . . the things for which you have true passion . . . the things that will give your life meaning and value, and will make you successful, however you choose to define those concepts. if you do, i can promise you that, along that journey, you will find people whose beliefs, ideals, values align with your own, and those will be the people with whom you celebrate and commiserate. they will help you up when you fall, just as you will help them up. they will push you when you stall, and run with you. and that will be enough. it will happen organically as you chase whatever purpose you choose to assign to your life.
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    Hugs. Here if you want to talk.
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    Welcome to forum and the SF family. First, wow what a post for such a young person. You are right in what you have written. As we grow up each year we learn from live experiences and try to become the better person as well as helping others. I understand that you may be down but YOU are young in age and have the rest of your life in front of YOU.

    If you want to expand what's causing you pain, then please elaborate further. We can help you in a text based support but have spoken to a high school counsellor about your feelings as they will respect your privacy.

    Please feel free to speak to others in the chat room, you will be safe here as no one will judge you. Have you spoken to your parents, I'm assuming it possible to do. We will never meet but just think there is someone in the world who cares about YOU.

    You are low at the moment but perhaps it might be down to confidence. You are important as you are a fellow human being who is hurting like us here on the forum.

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    No one is alone here. Keep posting x