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I feel so alone

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Hey everyone,
I feel like im drowning in pain and dont know how to swim to the top. Many days are spent with tears hard to dry. I cant even remember when i woke up and look forward to a new day. It been almost a year and two month since i was full of smile and laugh and looking forward to the future. Jan,27,06 i lost my daughter and my heart was ripped out of me. I have suffered from depression before and i was doing so well and now im falling to peices. I dont think that i have ever felt this low and alone. I feel so confuse alot because my thought just race and race. It not fair that i have to deal with this. My husband doesn't suffer from depression so he doesn't know my pain. It so easy to say you will get threw it. Only if he knew how bad i wont to give up.
He doesnt know how it is to fight a demon that holding you down. This demon i speak of is DEPRESSION. I dont feel like doing nothing no more and i cant sleep. I go days without and i feel like im losing it then. I cut myself the other day and i havent down it in so long. When i seen the blood i knew i was alive. I just feel so numb. Almost like i didn't exist. I pick up the phone and called everyone but no one answered so i did it. I just wonted to know i wasnt alone. I never would of imagine i would feel this alone in the world. It weird how you have people around but you cant talk to know one because they dont understand. Thanks for letting me ramble. I just needed to get it out. GOd i feel so alone


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You never need to feel truly alone after you have found this site. We are all here for each other :smile:.

I'm sorry you're feeling so desperate and unhappy. There are lots of people on this site who know exactly what you're going through, and you can always talk to us - about anything.

Take care,

:hug: :hug:
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