I feel so alone!!!!!

Discussion in 'Rape and Abuse' started by scoobysnacks, Jul 8, 2007.

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  1. scoobysnacks

    scoobysnacks New Member

    Hi! everyone,
    Right now i feel so alone and feel like no one is there for my family that is going threw hell right now. Seem's like all of our friends has back away from us. My sisters and my husband sisters are some what there for us but yet those long lonely night that i have spent crying and just wanted to talk to someone no one is there to call. I see my son in pain everyday and my heart aches for him. I comfort him and tell him everyday that mommy loves him and ill always be here for him. Yet the past couple of days he doesn't even wont my husband or me to hugs him or even tough him. He'll go to therapy next week for the first time. I cant tell you how bad it hurts not to be even able to hug my baby or hold his hand. One moment he playing with his toys and the next time he goes into a rage and starts throwing stuff or starts hitting us. He says all the time that he hates everyone and no one cares about him. I know that he angry and has hate towards his uncle. I did toward my step dad too. I know that he cant express really how he feels and it will take him time to let that anger , hatred and start to cope with it. What six yr old can really express themselves well. We are moving so my son feels safe and start the healing process. Our lives have been turned upside down and i feel like i lost that my son that i knew. I just miss him so bad and really want him back. I want to hold his hand, hug him and kiss him. I pray to god everynight please stand by us and help my son come back to us. I miss my mom and wish that she was alive so i could go to her for advise but she pass away and now im left to deal with this on my own. My husband doesn't really talk about it . He keeps everything inside him and barried. I can see the anger and pain in his eyes because i feel the same. Im sorry this post is so long but this is the only place that i have to go to express how i feel so i dont loose it. Thanks for listening.
  2. liveinhope

    liveinhope Well-Known Member

    a child always feels his mothers love even if he is unable to show u right now u and your husband are his salvation though i can only imagine how difficult it must be for u
    u r not totally alone there are people that care and will listen to u no matter what the time of day
    my thoughts are with u and ur family
    Keep safe
  3. Anime-Zodiac

    Anime-Zodiac Well-Known Member

    Like Dawn said, your not alone and a child no matter what does feel love for their mother. Also you have your husband right? So you can't possibley be alone unless you are refering to him not understanding you.
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