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  1. White Dove

    White Dove Well-Known Member

    i feel so bad right now but yet i know i did the right thing or didnt i?.

    my brother needs prayers now, his wife and him got into it again and she tried to hurt him again, my nephew bubba was a screaming and crying because she was hitting and pushing my brother down again and i heard bubba crying and seen her hitting my brother so i called 911 tonight. i did not know what was going on until i seen her hitting my brother and bubba crying. he is just 10 years old and was really upset so as i was talking with the lady dispatcher i put bub on phone so she could get him to calm down, and while i am on the porch talking with my brother mary ( my brothers wife ) appearently ...... herself and runs out the house saying she was gonna say my brother ...... her etc, well she gets in a car with someone and leaves turns out she goes down the road, then they get into at the neighbors and by the time the police get her she has took off. anyhow my brother told the police he did not want to see her go to jail and all and of course the police you know told him sometimes things like this happen and all.

    i kind of feel guilty because i made the call but heck my 10 year old was screaming and i seen her hitting my brother what else could i have done? i cant just sit back and do nothing while she hits my brother and beats on him and my nephew screaming and all..

    so please keep my brother in your prayers and me in your prayers as well thanks.
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  2. sadguy33

    sadguy33 Banned Member

    You did the right thing who knows what would have happend if you let it get out of hand
  3. White Dove

    White Dove Well-Known Member

    thank you for the reply. she texted my brother all night and is mad at me. he went and picked her up and she is back over there with him right now and i over heard her cursing me out and all. she is really mad at me and i feel so bad about it, eck they have an active warrent for her right now but i am not calling them back out here, they will get her when they can get her and i still feel soo bad like i am the bad person
  4. White Dove

    White Dove Well-Known Member

    i cant get into chat but if anyone has any time can you please pm me? thanks
  5. WldHair

    WldHair Well-Known Member

    Listen, you did the right thing and frankly, who cares what she thinks! She's an abuser and your brother is an enabler (meaning he allows her to abuse him). Meanwhile, they have a child and since neither one of them can take their heads out of their butts to get some help for themselves and do the right thing by their son, then they will continue to get people like you who care enough to call the police on her, if needs be.

    So don't you feel sorry for anything, nor guilt! She's the problem and she's a BULLY and an ABUSER. She's the one who should be feeling ashamed and bad for behaving like that towards your brother and her son. If she gets in your face you tell her that if she doesn't straighten up and fly right, you'll call the police again if she dares to touch your brother or is doing anything in front of her son that could emotionally scar this kid for life - like that hasn't already happened yet.

    Sending you my big mouth and my strength. Call on Michael the Archangel to be by your side.
  6. White Dove

    White Dove Well-Known Member

    thanks for the pep talk! from both replys above!

    well i feel a little better since i sleep some, was able to get a little bit of my online business done some as well. it sure is quiet here at the house now. they live right next door to me like less then 300 foot from my door lol, but i seen my brother come in and his son my nephew the one in the middle of everything last night and my brother and nephew where the only ones that came in, they had a neighbor drop them off. i have no idea where his wife is, she is not there tonight so maybe she turned herself in? maybe shes hiding etc? i did not go over there but sent my brother an email to his cell phone asking him if he was mad at me, he replied but only a short little sentence telling me to text him on my cell phone but i dont have min on my cell right now ( its a pre paid one ) so i emailed him him back but he haent responded. maybe he is mad at me, i don't know?

    anyhow he is nopt driving his truck so they may have took it to pits and junked it to pay to bail her out of jail after her 12 hour hold or she may be driving it and hiding out somewhere? i know if they did junk it to bail her out she will once again blame me for it. like the time i let them hook up to my lights when they chose to not pay their light bill, well when mine went up i asked her to pay it and she got mad and cursed me and everything, blamed me for it and all. why do people do that? why do they blame others for things they are the case of? if she had not gotten mad or lost her tempor or even started hitting my brother and fighting then i never would have called the law. this is my property, this is my land, not theres, they just own the mobile home not the land. i give them a place to stay for free basically and yet i get treated like i am a piece oh sh... and all. i know she is talking about me, probablty cursing me out, calling me all kinds of names, probably gonna call in and tell a bunch of lies to other people about me like she did once before. trying to make things rough on me, and all i do is try and be good to them etc.

    i tell you one thing i have my land listed with a relitor for sale and i wish it would sell and sell fast, cause when it sales i am buying me another place, putting in a brand new single or doublewide, have all my bills paid off and be as far away from her as i can be. my brother loves her and i understand that, but if he wants her to continue to beat him up and hurt him then they can do that away from me. if anyone prays or believes in prayer, please say a prayer for me that my land sales, i have it 14 1/2 acres with 2 mobiles for 50 thousand dollars even. that is enough to pay off my remaining mortage on this land and buy 3 or 4 more acres and a new home, and it be paid for, they can move their mobile off or pay the new land owners lot rent at least i would be away from them. i love them but they are causing me way too much stress and pain, heck i even had a friend of mine say that when i get out that mary is gonna stomp my butt when she sees me, i mean come on, its HER FAULT, SHE MADE the choose to do what she did, i did not make her come here and start beating up my brother on my land! yet she is no doubt blaming me for it.. saying its my fault because i called the law etx! anyhow its quiet and its about 3 am so i am gonna try and get some more sleep. thanks for the replies, love ya guys!

  7. White Dove

    White Dove Well-Known Member

    update, major prayers needed for my brother.

    well his wife ( mary ) turned herself in at the jail. then she leaves my brother goes with her neighbors husband again. and to top it all off she is telling everyone around her that my brother stabbed her and they are apperantly stupid enough to believe her stupid a..., all one has to do is listen to the 911 call i made the night it happened, my brother was on my porch as well as her 10 year old son and he was crying when shje comes out the house bleeding saying and yelling saying i am gonna tell them that you stabbed me.. she needs to be in jail or in a nut house cause she has gone nuts. she is hooked on meth and who knows what else.

    she then text people and say she is having the lights turned off and gonna call and tell a bunch of lies on me and my brother and everything else. i think she really needs help badly.. drugs will do this to ya!

    anyhow i am not afraid of anything she might say or do because the bible says if he be for you no one can be against ya! anything she might say or do will backfire onto her and she will end up either getting killed or kill someone herself, so i am asking prayers for her and my brother but she really needs the prayers. i never would have thought she would ever do this but drugs make you do things and all.

    i posted this online because i want everyone to know the truth. right now she just cant see that all this was her fault, if she had not cheated and beat up my brother she would have never been arrested in the first place. she did this all to herself yet shes blaming me and blaming my brother etc. oh well, akl i can do is just pray for her and let God take it from here because he will!
  8. White Dove

    White Dove Well-Known Member

    God dangit, my brother let her come back. she has a restraing order against her, she is not supposed to be here yet he let her come back in, she is over there right now and i dont want to hear anymore fighting. i am so upset but this time i am not gonna call the law i felt so much like the bad person when i called the first time when they were fighting, everyone says i did the right thing and well maybe i did because when she ... herself they would have arrested my brother if he had not been standing by me while i was on the phone with 911, i tell you one thing i want to just sell this land and move far away from her. i dont trust her one bit, heck she could hurt him then turn around and hurt herself. i mean why the heck let her back there? my niece kim was staying with him but then when her mom came back she left again. she will not stay in the house with her, anyways i am gonna stay inside and not go out except to leave or take the dog out for his walk.
  9. Unhelpful

    Unhelpful New Member

    I feel suicidal, I'm 15, just starting year ten and come from a troubled background, I feel suicidal because I'm a disgusting human being, I took advantage of my family's trust and my friends, I hate life, and iv felt suicidal for a matter of years, I haven't done it because I love my mum to much to hurt her. My school life Is just as bad, I'm viewed as a no body. My most recent disgrace was a few nights ago, a friend told me shoe loved me and sent some dirty messages,and I abused her trust I told lots of people and I didn't discourage her, in fact I sent some back for a laugh, now i feel like the worst human being alive, why is it that I get to live and people in Africa don't? It's unfair. My feelings have reached a critical point and I think I'm reaching my limit. If you can help me in any way please do :(
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