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I feel so empty

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Suicide is sometimes a comfort for me. It's a way out from the pain and hurt. Death can be sweet. I have thoughts of cutting every day, and the only way to stop them is to give in. But I can't, because I'll get kicked out of my apartment if i cut. So I'm stuck. I just want the thoughts to stop, and if suicide is the only way, how could anyone blame me? I feel like I have no control of my mind anymore. Each day is a struggle...

So sorry you are suffering,
I know you can't feel happiness, but if you have before use it to get through this. If you haven't then know that there is such a feeling to take away your pain and create so much joy in your life that you will wish you stayed here. You can't see it and you can't feel it but that doesn't mean it's not there and not possible. Please hold on. Have you tried things like exercise or CBT therapy? Some medications may help, but some may make things worse. There is a science behind depression. It has to do with chemical and neural pathways, both of which can be changed.


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You think self harm eases your pain but it's just temporary, you go back to feeling just as bad as you always did, actually worse. Sometimes though, I can hit my lowest point, and then start feeling better. Self harm never made anything better. You need therapy, medication, and to start working on changing whatever it is making you so sad. That is the only way to feel better.


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You know, every time someone says they cut, I feel it. It makes me feel like I can feel that physical pain.

Everyone would really feel much better if you felt better about yourself. RedTears, you must gain control of your emotions and depression. IT CAN BE DONE!!!

Please trust me and try to help yourself. I really do care about you, y'know.
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