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I feel so lonely, so desperate

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This weekend I have no spoken with anyone at all! I stayed on my coach all day. I have terrible suicide thoughts. Then I found out through facebook that a girl I know is getting married and another got a bf and here I am all alone. No one is interested on me. I am so ugly. I lost my dreamed job and here I am with suicide thoughts after 3 previous attempts.
I honestly don't care how other people will feel after my death


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Don't give up pollo. A girl that I really like is dating someone else, so I'm alone as well. But you never know. Relationships often fail. There still is hope. :hug:


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Relationships come and go, but what you decide to do with you is what matters.
Lost the dream job, look for another.
Find that which will make you, if not happy, at least content and then who knows, the right person may just pop up when you least expect it.
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