I feel so pathetic...

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I remember when I was a child every time my parents get angry at me (i wrote something about it in the "abuse" section) I thought that the world will be better if I die so when I was a child I just stared at the stares thinking to jump off. My foot was really on the edge I dont remember why I did not jump off tho.
Another one was of course another "fight" with my parents I got a rope tied it tightly aroung my neck. I dont know why I showed it to my mother she stopped me. I also tried lying upside down to make blood flow to my head, I believe it causes some sort of death. Now that I'm older (17) I get suicidal thoughts but I dont act it out I. For an unknown reason my sadness turns to rage. I feel so pathetic cause of what I've done...I feel so weak as a person... compared to other people my so called problems are very little and insignificant...


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Don't compare your problems to others.
Yes some people have horrendous probs but that doesn't mean you aren't entitled to how you feel.
My parents always tell me that I am lucky compared to other people because I live a somewhat good life and they are basically saying that because I get to go to school eat good meals and have the basic stuff and were not in poverty they are telling me that I have no right to be depressed or whatever since we are not like the people in some places in like Africa.
I know how you feel. I often feel like i have no right to be sad. Because i have ''everything''.
But it's not true. We are all human beeings and we all have a right to feel what we feel. No one has a right to control your feelings and tell you how you should feel. Because you are a unique person!
You are not pathetic. You are struggling through sadness and there is nothing to be ashamed of. Stay strong and keep fighting. You will feel better someday.


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Your parents are right in that the material things you have are more than they had - but with depression, they do not realise that the condition actually takes away a lot of joy and so even if you lived in a million pound mansion with servants and a tennis court, you could still feel the same way.

Sometimes parents are well meaning but if they have not experienced depression they might just assume its feeling down in the dumps. Feeling sad is one thing but depression does not give you a choice and it makes you feel worthless and nothing compared to other people who perhaps just do a better job of hiding their own depression.

Maybe you could print off some description of depression from an NHS website - show it to your parents. This thing is REAL and if others don't quite 'get it' than that is unfortunate but you still have the option of getting help and hopefully you won't have any fall out with your parents and be careful any depression does not make you say cruel things to them.

This can happen - you can 'lash out' verbally more so with close loved ones than anyone else. I guess this is why therapists come in.

As for judging people here with Africa, many Africans come to the UK and get depressed. Poverty might well make depression worse, but like I say you could be rich and still depressed. Very rich people kill themselves, all the time. We're all in the same boat when it comes to this - rich or poor, black or white, weak or strong, sick or well. Money cannot buy you love!

But like I say, parents might not know much about depression. Its unfair to really expect them to understand and don't feel like they are against you or anything. They love you - but if you told them about depression, they are not trained in this sort of thing anymore than you may be if your parents approached you if perchance they were depressed.

So do not take it to heart, parents can be good people but not trained in any mental health issues.

you are not pathetic - nobody is pathetic for just being unfortunate enough to land this of all the conditions. Could have been simple dandruff - as designated by bit of DNA - but we get the 'booby prize' instead, in which depression shapes a lot of areas of life.

Amazing how just a tiny bit of DNA maybe be the original trigger for the depression, a ticking time bomb which goes off sometimes. We think we are pathetic and want to die over something which is so tiny as the DNA code.

Your a victim of some biological trick bro - your not pathetic, its just the thought process that goes on so much.

Maybe your dad will buy the science part!

Good luck and get some help with this and you'll discover that you can feel optimistic once more or for the first time in your adult years.
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