I feel so safe at home

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  1. stuckinchicago6

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    They are such a disconnecting experience. Idiots everywhere that try to grab you. Trashy looking girls. I am honestly so sick of the scene here. After another bad night out yesterday, I realize how much happier I am at home and safer. I get more satisfaction out of finishing my studying and having that feeling of accomplishment versus being around the idiots of Chicago. This is just such a trashy city. I hate how people analyze you up and down in nightclubs. It makes me feel so much more self-conscious. I'm just so bored with this city. I suppose the more upscale areas and the northshore burbs would be nice of I actually had somebody to share them with, but that requires money too. This is not the place to be single though or to be a student. I lament the fact that I took summer classes and I have to stay here now.
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    I guess it can feel a little shitty if you're not attracting attention at these clubs. Don't feel like you need to dress trashy to get this though. Clubs just seem the kind of atmosphere where guys go for the scantily clad women. Ask yourself, do you really want guys at clubs going after you? Especially when generally what they're after is some sort of action?

    You're going to find your guy. Club just may not be the best place to find one.
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    Well, not good to hear that about Chicago as I'll be visiting there in a couple of weeks lol.
    But don't get too comfortable at home or you'll become agoraphobic like me. Lose all connections with others and society, hardly able to get outside, and if you think the paranoia of others judging you is bad now, wait a few years being a recluse in your own home. Idiots are everywhere sure, but you gotta forget about them. It's all about you, and you're not one of those people.
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    I felt kind of the same about the town where I grew up.
    Although it was a small town-- it's one of Canada's capitals for drug abusers and teenage pregnancies... XD
    It was also filled with child molesters who'd just gotten out of jail.

    Loads of tourists would come in the summer time- use up the town and spit it out at the end of September; leaving behind all of their trash and stray animals.
    Our SPCA went out of business, since it was privately owned and all of the poor strays who were left behind didn't normally get found and put into foster homes- alot of them died in the woods.

    There were so many things I hated about the town.
    I also hated how everyone knew everyone elses business- and all of the upscale ladies who stayed year-long would eye you like you are a piece of chewed up gum on their shoe.

    I left the town as soon as I was done highschool. Figured I'd be better off somewhere else-- but now I've ended up in another tourist town that's total population septuples in the summertime. @__@ AGH!
    Being in my room is the *only* place for be to be. I've hardly ever felt safe outside of my own home...people in general is my problem though...

    If you really are *stuck* in Chicago; I think it's about time for a scene change~ try a few different hobbies maybe? If you like Jazz- go to a Jazz house instead of a club... if you don't spend enough time outdoors-- go to a park; look up public events and go to them, so that you can meet new people during the day.
    ^ it's easy to list things off like this, but much harder to actually do it myself.
    Maybe you can do it though?
  5. stuckinchicago6

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    I'm going to try. I have an idea already... It just takes some courage. Courage to take money out of my savings or something that could potentially fail.
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    I have the same problem with staying too much at home. Only I do not want to be around any homo-sapien on this putrid planet, not just a specific part of its filth.

    It's disgusting to see every day outside I know, the intensely high confidence of every person based on nothing but wasteland. I still find it hard to love myself when there is no fact or message from god that tells you you deserve to be loved. Monkeys evolved, that is all. Humanity is no glorious immaculate creation so much so that each being deserves to judge others. Animals do not behave the way we do so why is there an urge to perpetuate such baseless vanity.