I Feel So Shit...not Long Left

Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by theblamedson, Nov 16, 2007.

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  1. theblamedson

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    I feel like i'm intruding whenever i message everyone here. The thing is, i try so fuckin hard and it seems no one gives a crap about what i do or whatever. Two days ago, i tried to kill myself (i wont mention how) and it didnt work, so i ran into my mums room crying about wat i tried to do, she just went back to sleep after talking to me for 2 minutes about how upset she'd be. utter shite.

    We went to my mums mates tonite(sometimes i feel i can talk to her more than mum). It was a really bad time their. It was as if wat i was saying didnt get into her skull, all she caRED about was about her daughter goin to her dads(which happens every week so why give a fuck???). Plus, i cant say she was that nice to me today, even the slightest comment makes me upset(which isnt nice):sad:

    All she said why try to kill yourself all the time, is that want you want to do for the rest of your life. Maybe if i do you self centered you know wat if thats all you can say to me.


    PS. All i'm doing now is weighing the odds of me lasting the next few weeks. Its very slim.
  2. Queen_Akasha

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    Hi theblamedson,

    I'm sorry to hear what your mother did, going back to sleep just like that. The only reason I can think for that is that she might have been half asleep :unsure: I remember once my friend was suicidal and I didn't know what to do, so I woke up another friend and they said "just let me sleep". Next day they apologized, saying they were half asleep and didn't realize how serious the situation had been. Perhaps it was the same with your mother? I can't think of another reason why she'd seem so uncaring :sad:

    This could have been her way of confronting you. Like she tried to hold up a mirror in front of you. I know it's not easy to have someone say something like that to you, but I guess everyone reacts differently to situations like these. She probably just wants the best for you and she might think this is the best approach to help you?

    I'm really sorry to hear that you are feeling so low and that you think there's only a slim chance that you'll last the next few weeks. I hope you'll keep finding the strength to fight. Please talk to us, vent on here, anything.. It might actually help you feel better.

  3. itmahanh

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    One of the biggest motivators for attempting suicide is the feeling that know one seems to hear you or understand you. You cetainly do not need that again after you have attempted. But you have done the right thing by posting here. So many people here have been where you are now. Give them a chance to chat with you and try and find some ways to help you cope with all your pain. It's the first step of many.
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