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I feel so sick

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Ive upset myself to the point of sickness :blub: i feel so alone anymore, its not even like i dont have friends, but i dont feel that they can understand me, on here or in RL. I know that im not the only person but i feel so alone. I simply want a dark corner to crawl up in and be alone, im fighting pushing everyone away, but its a losing battle :blub: i dont know what to do. I feel so depressed, and im making myself sick, and i can barely get myself to eat. i just want to be alone i dont want to be near anyone.

I try to enter the chat room. i cant bear to even be ina room with people. I literally lock down, my head hurts, and i start to cry. I dont cry, i cant let myself, but it happens. Im so weak now, i cant even control me. If i cant find an empty room in chat i cant be in chat, its frustrating when a mod moves me, telling me that i cant be in the entrance lobby, though that is the only empty room. Im so scared, because im losing myself. I literally wish death would come to me, but i dont have the will to seek it out, what is the point of it? I always fail when i seek, and it never finds me. I crawl on, because that is all there is left to do, but i dont even want to crawl here. I cant bring myself to write poetry like i used to, i dont find comfort in my animals. i cant bear it anymore. I wish death would come to me. Everyone around me seems to fall upon it and escape it, yet i cant seem to even find its trail.
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Hi i too find it hard to be a room with lots of people even chat room i find it so overwhelming it hurt i understand that. When you get feeling that way don't be alone okay it is so hard to reach out i know You can pm me if you want to just talk i will listen i do understand and i don't want you to be alone or sad hugs to you


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when i try to talk to someone on here, it seems as if i am a burden, they have no emotion in their writing, like they reply only because they must
if you want a room in chat hun, i can make you one :) the entrance lobby isnt a room to chat in, hugs
i wasnt chatting, i was simply sitting idle. and i asked a green person if i could have a room, and i got a not right now. then they said sorry, and some other BS then told me to get out.
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