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i feel so stupid when i do this


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last week i had a dead battery , my fault i left something on. the guy from aaa said i had to take it to the shop and get a full charge or a new battery because it would only get a surface charge if i just drove it around, which is stupid and i know it.

well today 4 days later it still started good. but i was having trouble with my tach and speedometer on my truck. i was telling my wife we may need an instrument cluster, which would be expensive.

my wife came out of the store so i tried to start the truck. since i was driving all day it couldn't be a dead battery. i kept trying neutral to park back and forth and the lights came on once, i tried to start it again and click that's it. i opened the hood to check the battery terminals. i could just lift the positive terminal with no effort it was that loose. what happened is we have to take a terminal off in the summer if we don't use the truck so we kept it loose and forgot to tighten it for winter. i feel so stupid lol'



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Last year I had to drive my dad to someplace. With my mind thinking about other things, I approached the car, opened the door and sat in the back seat, wondering what the hell had happened to the dashboard and where the fuck had my steering wheel gone. Then I realised what I had done and quietly slinked into the drivers seat. My dad didn't say anything, just a quick look from the corner of his eye, shake of the head and a sigh. That said it all.

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