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I feel so stupid...

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All the time, I just feel so stupid and mentally sluggish. No one seems to respect my opinion (I don't respect it either, honestly). I believe in God, but I wonder why he put me here, only to just fill the role of the village idiot (Except most people in the "village" don't know me, and I'd like to keep it that way).

I feel like I would betray God if I killed myself, except I don't know if he would blame me. How can such a stupid person be of any use--to anyone? It just feels so...pointless



You don't sound like a stupid person at all, you seem to be rather intelligent. I too have a problem with people not respecting my opinion, the problem is not your lack of intelligence, but more likely other people's lack of intelligence - they're not intelligent enough to realize that your lack of confidence does not indicate low intelligence. On the other hand having emotional problems can make you more sensitive to disagreement and you may be perceiving lack of respect where there's just a difference of opinion. I've been in arguments where I'm very sure the other person doesn't respect my opinion simply because of my emotional state, even though I'm empirically correct. It's very annoying. Anyway, everyone not respecting your opinion may be a sign your opinions are innovative and unique, and that is purposeful.


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Thank you Sed. Although I think you may be saying that to be polite. It could have been a genuine statement too, I don't know. Anyway, I do agree that some people aren't intelligent enough to grasp when a person is being innovative and unique.

Truthfully, I just get so easily confused (in my thought process) that I fail at the most common sense stuff. It makes me look like an idiot. I really wish I wasn't alive, I'm a plague to everybody.


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No no no you aren't stupid by all mean's IS and you have evry right to have an opinion whatever it may be and it's such a good thing that you can express yourself.Sadly at times or well it even could be all the time in some cases we hold back to express ourselve's properly for fear of approval or as we see it from people.We'd have a low sense of self esteem and self confidence and we know it by that we will restrain ourselve's from doing so much.
One thing is for sure don't hold back having a voice or an opinion because that's what makes you you if that makes any sense.


Inn, I don't see lying as being polite, being polite would have been waiting for someone to say something genuine if I couldn't. I noticed your spelling and grammer was well done so I figured you pay attention to detail. So I scrolled through your post history and you seemed rather intelligent. There are stupid people out there and I wouldn't call them intelligent to be polite. And then there are people who can't get there, their and they're strait or spell weird as wierd... or who honestly believe that humans use 10% of their brains - and refuse to give up that belief even though the original cause of the myth is rediculous. (no offense to anyone) And the people who can't seem to grasp the unwritten mp3 naming conventions, so I have to freaking rename every mp3... or people who argue with empirical facts ONLY because they don't want to admit to being wrong.

I'm not saying someone is stupid for any of those things and I wouldn't dis someone for using abbreviation/slang or colloquial use of a word since it's just style, I'm not perfect either but cummon, some people don't even try to be comprehensible. I'm surprised in this world that you could feel stupid. Go to one of those sites that dispel common myths and you'll see just how intelligent most people are. And you're right about the death penalty too, it does cost more and it's the trial, appeals, etc.. and you can't do away with all that... and it increases murder rates... and on a moral level it's just wrong for a government to execute a citizen, that's just too much power for any government to be trusted with. But see you're willing to look at facts and analyze things and that IS intelligence.

A huge part of being intelligent is about being thorough, getting your facts strait, trying to make sure you're getting your information from authoritative sources, etc. When in doubt use a spell checker or dictionary.com, don't be afraid to look into an alternate point of view or change your opinion 180 degrees if necissary. Some people will view such things as 'stupid', but no intelligent person will. Intelligence isn't about being right all the time and most geniuses are fairly scatter brained, and have questionable opinions. In fact most scientists who have invented things and made discoveries were considered 'quaks' by the mainstream science community. Intelligence isn't about getting respect, most people can't recognize or are threatened by intelligence. Einstein's teacher told him he was stupid and would never amount to anything, luckily he didn't listen. Haters seldom have a valid point for being jerks so don't put too much thought into them, it's a waste of your cortex. (Hope I didn't offend anyone, just an opinion.... please don't flame me anybody. :|)

*rant mode off*



Intelligence is a complex subject I have spent good amount of time trying to study and define. I've come to believe that for most people who are not perceived as intelligent, or who don't see themselves as that, it's more about their emotions than anything else. It's not that you somehow inherently lack ability, usually it's more that you don't believe you can do (or are) something, or that you don't have the emotional motivation to focus your mind onto something. If you really don't believe you can do or are something you'll never become that, whatever it is. You will give up before you start, or right after you start and before you've had a chance to finish what you were doing.

There is knowledge and there is skill, and every person who acquires either has to first believe that they can do it. Believing doesn't always make it so, but not believing will ensure it never becomes so. Also there are many different kinds of intelligence and many different kinds of skill. I'm great with writing, logic and relational abstraction because I've developed those things, but I couldn't draw anything better than a stick figure if the fate of the world depended on it. I guess I just gave up when I experienced early failures in drawing, and never had a reason, an emotion, that told me it was something I needed to develop. To this day I'm drawing-stupid.

So InnerStrength I don't think you are inherently stupid, it's more accurate to say there are areas in which you are not yet proficient. If you really wanted to "get smarter" in a certain way I'm sure that it's something you can do. If you came into contact with people like me who kept telling you could do that or that you had the inherent ability, if you assigned an emotional value to it, and if you believed it, in all likelihood you would become that.
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