i feel so worthless that...

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i feel like i dont deserve anynone caring about me or talking to me
i feel like i dont deserve food or clothes
i feel like i dont deserve to sleep indoors not to mention in a bed
i feel like i dont deserve to breathe

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I know i feel that way too but it not true just distorted thoughts that someone has put in our brains. I hope you can do something kind for you today anything even a small thing because it will help to get rid of those negative feelings hugs to you


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In order to feel self-worth, you have to open yourself up to the possiblities that it might exist for you (I humbly suggest)...it took me years to allow that thought/feeling in, and it was a slow process of first stating the banal, and then reaching a point more sustainable...hope you can write a list, be it 1 or 2 things that show your worth, so you can see what others are writing...J


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i miss our talks i think you deseve the world! and i feel the same nothing i do matters nothing i do makes it better i dont deserve life as i waste it do you feel like i whine?


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Your so not worthless, the words I see here are so caring and heartfelt.

Please dont let the disease fool you, we love you here, love what you do, love what you say and its okay to have bad days, we all get them, give us the chance to give back what you give okay.

Hope today has treated you better. Hugs
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