i feel stupid.

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  1. Unicorns_Grace

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    Before everything went horribly wrong and I found myself in the black hole I'm calling my life at the moment.
    I had started studying towards a different path in my career I wanted to specialise in something that I loved.
    well I started studying A level science it was meant to be a years course and I should have sat my exams last June.

    the college have been totally amazing with the fact that for the best part of a year ive been completely unable to function in life..

    I'm trying to pick it back up and study again but not one part of it remotely makes sense.

    Urgh think I'm punching above my weight here.
  2. Petal

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    That doesn't make you stupid, you fell behind, it happens, i'm glad the college are so sympathetic with you and are understanding. Does the college have a counsellor that you could talk to? We are here for you <3
  3. True-Lee

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    Unicorns_Grace, I believe that you know different, You are still dealing with depression, it may not be as bad as it was but it is still making it's presence known, Please Slow down! Take Care of you then worry about all the other things, don't beat yourself up over it! Please ?
  4. Kamilla

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    Do whatever feels right. If you need to drop some classes do it. Or study harder.