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i feel stupid

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if someone asks me how i am and i say ok or not so good they ask whats up, when i tell them whats bothering me i feel stupid
people have worse problems than me i shouldnt let mine get to me.
does anyone else feel like this? :/

total eclipse

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No need to feel stupid okay everyone problem is unique to them and as important I hope you reach out and get the support you need don't worry no one judges you here hugs
I feel like that all the time. I feel like when people ask me how I am, they don't really want to know, so if I give them a real answer and they ask me what's wrong I don't know what to say.

The important thing to realize is that just because you feel stupid, it doesn't mean you are. There are people who have 'worse problems' (in societies eyes anyway), but that doesn't make what you are going through any easier. Everyone has problems, big or small that have to be dealt with and talked about and there isn't always a good time.

It's natural to feel a little stupid when you put your problems up to the rest of the world, but the rest of the world isn't dealing with your problems either. Keep hanging in and talking things through with friends and us folks and remember that if your problems are big to you they are plenty big enough to not feel bad about seeking help.

Dear blondeellen:

I'm afraid, in certainty, that there are no stupid problems. There are only problems, things to be addressed. Conveying your problems with a friend -- however small as you may think they are -- will promote an incredibly powerful bond of trust, cheer, and emotional opulence. Find respite in your friends. After all, they love you, whether they've told you yet or not.

In addition, I must ask you: would you ever consider the problem of a friend to be insignificant? I should hope not. So, in conclusion, please trust in those bonds that you make. Communication is a powerful ally, use him. Be well, dear.


Benjamin O.


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I feel like that all the time. I mean, my life isn't bad at all, but I'm really unhappy and depressed anyway.

Of course, be selective on who you spill to. Not everyone is as understanding as we wish, but that doesn't make your problems any less significant.

Take care


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I know what you mean. Usually if I'm not doing good I just say 'pretty good' or 'not too bad' because I don't want them to ask follow up questions that'll lead to them criticizing me or something. But then again, I tend to be kind of like a closed book and don't open up with too many people. I guess I chose the wrong kind of people to confide in in the past, or told them too much.

If you have good, trusting, nonjudgemental people that you can share with whatever is troubling you, I think that's great and I wouldn't feel silly at all. Those kind of people are a blessing to have in life.


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hmm thank you all.
but i dont have people who understand if my parents were split up or i was having bf troubles id have a huge list of people who could help
but i have promblems no one i know shares so i can see in there faces they dont get me :/ its nice to have some people here that understand
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