I feel too faint to eat

Discussion in 'Self Care and Healthy Lifestyles' started by Epiphany, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. Epiphany

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    I really feel like I need to start eating properly again, but I feel too weak to make any food, and the food I can access easily makes my stomache turn. I also don't seem to be eating until many hours after I've woken up.

    Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I could make it easier to eat early in the morning, as well as very low-energy food examples?

    Thanks for your help.
  2. Right U R Ken

    Right U R Ken Well-Known Member

    How about good old breakfast cereal? Just pour it in a bowl, pour some milk on, and you're all set. And there's so many to choose from.

    Sounds like you really need to eat. Too faint to eat? You're faint because you don't eat obviously.
  3. bluegrey

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    I made it through a period of not wanting and barely being to eat by relying on protein and energy bars from a health food store. They were more appetizing and as nutritious as "solid food". I also ate pasta with a little butter and salt. That too was easy to eat and digest when I was nauseous and had no desire to eat.

    I hope this helps and I hope you start feeling well soon!
  4. Colourful

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    Hey this might help you out my friend does this every morning :) Try having a glass of warm lime/lemon water (nothing else), it's supoposed to be good to kickstart your metabolism so maybe it'll make you hungry or feel better.

    hope tht helped!