I feel very depressed because I will never have a girlfriend...

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  1. A_New_Man

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    I'm physically unattractive (not overweight, naturally ugly face), I have a sense of humor but I'm not funny at all, I'm only interested in nerdy things, I see no point in being confident as it seems to make people egotistical jerks, and my life is as boring as could possibly be. I'm a nice and polite guy, but nothing about me is attractive at all. No girl would ever want to date me or be my girlfriend. I'll never have a girlfriend, and I'll never get laid. I'm really depressed, and I feel like my life is a waste.

    Right now I wish I could just die ._. I'm really sad and depressed. I'll never have a girl. That really gets me down. What should I do?
  2. TheBLA

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    I'm the exact same way as well, but I'm more of a loser than you, no offense. I think one person who's great to talk about your problems to is Forgotten_Man, I think you two share an uncanny amount with each other, at least so far from being depressed over girls and girlfriends and being otakus. Just some advice.
    I dunno if you should feel suicidal because of this, but I can't fully understand. Its your society you live in currently that judges you as a loser if you don't have a girlfriend and maybe you will, maybe you shouldn't worry about this right now and wait, there's so many your age and younger that have girlfriends but they are almost always never ready and suffer lots of heartbreak, it may actually be good to wait it out and become more mature, I dunno.
    I myself am also a social reject and will probably not have a girlfriend, my chances are lower than yours for sure.
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  3. blade

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    dont feel that hunny. one day a girl will come foer u. dont feel that way. im ugly too. im a chick by the way. pm me if u feel like talking.
  4. Ziggy

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    I am nearly 40, never had a girlfriend, never will
    But in life I really came to value the male friends that I had made
    And when those friends had gone I really appreciated having my pet around
    And even if my pet should go the sun, the trees and the birds will still remain

    Not much, but sometimes that's all there is
    I have memories, hopes, dreams, but all those are simply thoughts inside my head
    Life is happening outside of my head
    All I can do is to try to make the most of it.
  5. Greenforest

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    Sometimes I believed in that more, but it seems that only bad things come for me. It's good thing to believe in, but don't give too much for it.

    I've been waiting for that special girl to come into my life, but only thing I've got are some pretty smiles from random nice girls. They are of course wonderful feeling too, but there have never been any serious interest from a girl, usually not even single look.
  6. systamatics

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    :( ur me man ....we dont deserve this :mad: wt the hell is this life!!!
    i met a girl online ,she loved me like hell :mad: , now after we met she fukin left me :mad: :mad: :mad:
  7. fkw12

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    yo, STOP WHINING:mad:

    I know the ugliest guy you can ever find ok? He is naturally ugly, and overweight, lower half of his face has traces of scars from a severe burn. The dude has great personality- the kind where he can fall 9 times but is strong enough to stand up the 10th time- he loves girls and always talks about them. This guy tries for his dates; he got rejected countless times yet he has managed to scoop out a few dates as well. Also, from January this year, he has gotten into a serious relationship!

    Dude, stop whining and get out there!
    Where there is will there is a way....right?
  8. Ziggy

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    Look at people in history, Beethoven, Einstein, Plato, Jesus... were these lives a waste? did these people get laid?
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