I feel worthless

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    I am a pretty good person I believe but something horrible has just happened to me. This boy I loved and who loved me has got back with another girl. An ex. We were friends/lovers I guess but he never talked to me directly. I feel stupid and foolish. He made me promises and never kept em but he seems to have enough time to work it out with her and not me. Maybe it is because Im fat and ugly while she has a nice body and she is attractive to him. He always would say ould try but didnt and I feel like he picked her over me even when I was there through everything. That is why I feel worthless and he said he will always love me. He never loved me. He never tried to. I feel so horrible. I dont feel suicidal. I just needed to let it out. I will always hate him for hurting me. He was supposed to be there for me. He lied. :'( I've been crying this whole week and trying to forget but I just cant. I only wish that my time was up so I wouldnt have to see his face again. Im so sad. For nothing too.
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    I'm sorry to hear how this guy treated you. I'm glad that you don't feel suicidal and that you reached out here to vent your feelings. I can certainly understand why you are feeling sad right now. It's hard when people we love let us down.

    You sound like a very caring person and you deserve someone who cares as much about you as you care about him, not someone who abuses your trust.