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    I fell for your story, put up with your shit for 6 months, come in on my rdo's when you needed me, worked like a pack camel the last week just so you had some cash to live on. You say you lost your house and went in bankruptcy, and thats a terrible outcome, it really is, but what about us???

    The people that worked for you, the people that put up with your fucking incompetance? all 3 of you. The people that agreed to have their wages divided and fucked around to suit whatever bullshit plan you created. The people that TRUSTED you to at least make sure we got our entitlements.

    You fucked me over, and i wont forget it.

    You shafted me on superannuation even though you claimed you paid it, I should of fucking checked, far too trusting is Matty. You've made a cynical working stiff even more cynical. Fuck small business from now on. I will never, ever, offer my loyalty to a small business again, twice shafted, third time isnt gonna happen.

    The government needs to come down on you pricks like a tonne of bricks, no more paying superannuation when you feel like it, you pay it, or you go to prison, no more trading insolvent because your too proud to admit defeat.

    Thanks for nothing, just as well that dinner invite never eventuated cause ive got a response for you.

    Here it is.

  2. Sa Palomera

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    Matt, I dunno what happened, but I'm around if you wanna talk. Just hit me up on MSN, alright? :hug:

    I'm really sorry you've been betrayed like that :sad: :hug: :hug:
  3. LetItGo

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    Well ive been in contact with the receivers a few times over the last month. They were put in place when my previous employer went bankrupt (apparently) . Basically, it became obvious after todays phone call that I wont get any of my back pay, superannuation or commission. I calculated it around $3,000 and i can kiss it bye bye's...I could really do with money right now. What annoys me most is that i let them bullshit me. When i think about it, it was pretty obvious the course this was taking. They made off with thousands in the last week, and their employees ended up with nothing. All of this goes to prove one thing Est. Working for yourself, or owning the business, is absolutely the only way to go. If i ever have kids, it will be the first lesson they get taught, straight after "drinking beer 101" and "where do my bits go?".
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    I can imagine your trust in companies and all being wiped away, Matt. I think there really still are plenty of genuine companies out there. Just gotta find them, and figure out who to trust and who not :dunno: :sad:

    I totally understand your point of view though, working for yourself or owning your own business, definitely is the safest way to go if you don't want to get screwed over.

    :hug: Here if you need me, mate :cheekkiss
  5. Vitreledonellidae

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    is there really nothing you can do about it?
    there must be a way to get that $3000
    or at least a part of it.. :unsure:
  6. ~PinkElephants~

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    can you take them to court matt? Maybe sue them. Or at least somehow get some of it back if not all?
  7. LetItGo

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    Well the place was cleaned out during the last week, although there was still a lot of very expensive cooking equipment (like ovens worth several thousand etc, small goods, some electrical etc)
    The place is completely gutted now, I went and checked, so its obviously been moved to a warehouse somewhere.

    The usual process is to have a liquidation and the receivers distribute any funds. I dont even think they've had the sale yet. I have no idea whats taking so long. Im sure the receivers will take a nice chunk of the pie before anyone else gets a bite.

    Seriously thinking of contacting some sort of government office, the whole process will probably cost me more than its worth.

    Personally, if I ever got in this situation, I wouldnt leave employee's high and dry, but thats just me, i have some honour and decency.