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i finally got my medical insurance back.

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This is good. Really good. I can continue getting both my mental and physical issues treated now. I can stop spending money on medicine/doctors and actually save it to move out with my fiance, I can get my physical which will allow me to get my driver's permit. I can still try to apply for SSI even and see how that goes. I have a lot of options going for me now. I'm worried however, that either I won't use them to their full potential and will still be stuck somewhere, or something else will happen to ruin everything. I'm going to try not to let it get to me though and just do the right thing. Keep taking my antidepressant and get the dosage upped today when I go to the psychiatrist, and keep trying to accomplish my goals now that I have that chance. I'm still sad and worried but not thinking about suicide for now so I guess that's good.

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That is good news Tanya i hope you don't worry anymore okay because it does not help you Take care okay i hope things continue to go your way hugs
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