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I finally graduated college yesterday and I felt like I had no one to celebrate with! None of my classmates even took a picture with me sigh and I looked good too. I spent so much money on Hair and makeup and I looked beautiful, I got compliments from them but I’m just not close enough to anyone sigh at one point they even asked me to take the pictures for them but never was I asked to be in it, or pls to hold the jackets or the grad caps or the bags sigh ... I was too nice to say no and too afraid to join the photos. When I got home I took so many selfies but now I’m afraid to post them, and even embarrassed... most of the people I went to high school with posted grad pix on Facebook over the years and I wud get so emotional not jealous but just feeling worthless bcuz I kept failing college sigh but now that I passed and graduated yesterday I feel embarrassed that it took me so long. But after reading a few posts here and seeing that I’m not alone and all the support i’ve seen on here, I’ve cheered up quite a bit!


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Dear Lexy, I don't know you or your story, but I do know that you're one of the SF family and you've achieved something truly fantastic!
Many congratulations on your graduation!

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I'm so glad you have told us about this; it's always great to hear and celebrate some good news at SF! I've no doubt that other members will be along shortly to wish you well!

{{Hedgehugs}} :)
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