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I forgot why I try

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I have always been so alone. Even when I'm married. I don't have friends. I don't know how to talk to people. I talk to myself. I feel so isolated in my life like I live in my own little world. When you never liked yourself much, you don't make good company for yourself. I just don't know why I keep trying everyday. Life is such a chore. If I just had a tiny bit of joy in my life. Something to look forward to, to dream about or want. I hate this so much. Depression for 4 years. I take medication and most of the times it keeps my mind off of dying. I cut my foot and that made me feel a little better. Why do people come here to try and talk people out of dying? What do YOU get out of it?:rooster:

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YOu know depression can be treated hun IF your medication had not taken the thoughts away then change to a new one that is more affective add a new med to build up the one your on Talk to your doctor as you do not seem to be feeling that great We come here to support each other so we can hold on until we do get feeling better


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Lately I think that all this a lot of us are going through is because
society has generaly forced us, in different ways, into doing stuff
we don't give a f**k about.
so, sometime, in our lives we find ourselves in the wrong lives.
Question is, at this point do we still have the strenght to
find out all over again what used to make us happy in the first place
and follow that road?
(just an opinion based on my life..)

Why do people come here to try and talk people out of dying? What do YOU get out of it?
Personally, I can't get this idea out of my head - that life is very valuable.


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I am totally agree with : Sais
Life and Society makes us feel this way.
People around us act so cruel , money rules the world.
It seems like this world is going in the wrong direction.
I also wonder why people try to makes us not to suicide , why makes us live such a hard heartless life.
It seems pointless to fight all the time.
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