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I found it hard

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I watched a programme broadcast in the UK tonight where ****** Redknap dieted to a UK size zero to show what a physical and emotional toll it takes on a person. I found it hard to watch. Not in a 'ooh I want to be exactly like that too' kind of way - just that a lot of it struck a chord and, felt familiar and... I don't know how to express it, I'm sorry. Everyone else who I know who has seen the programme has been saying about how awful size zero is and were looking quite disparagingly on the physical and emotional toll of eating distress... and well, I just had no outlet to say that I found watching that prog really hard because it struck a chord which I didn't want it to, but it did nonetheless, and I felt if I didn't say it somewhere I was going to explode. I'm sorry if that made no sense... did anyone else watch it and find it hard too? Not exactly in an 'ooo I want to be just like that' but more in a 'yeah that's how I struggle' and it sort of rekindles something deep down, those feelings that I have been trying to overcome for so long and had got part way to overcoming but which I knew really were just burried deep rather than properly overcome. Is it ever possible to truely overcome those feelings?
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