I found suicide forum 11 days ago...

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I found suicide forum 11 days ago while searching "suicide" on google. At first i thought the site was great... that it would help me somehow.
But i was wrong. I was so wrong. 11 days were enough to change my opinion... i see it all now... trues and lies.

I wish you well and so I take my leave,
I Pray you know me when we meet again
. (William Shakespeare)

Goodbye all,


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Hi Maria, sorry that you haven't found SF helpful, we are here to help and offer support, despite our best efforts we sometimes can't make a difference, I hope that you have other support mechanisms in place to help you through this difficult time....
Remember we are still here offering our further support and help.

Hazel x
I'm sorry you haven't found SF helpful. Maybe if you give it a bit longer, you'll find it an advantage to you but if you decide not to stay, then I will wish you the best of luck and hope that you stay safe. We're here anytime you wish to return.


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I echo what the others have said and also, if there has been a particular problem with the site which staff could help you with, please feel free to pm one of us to see if we can solve the problem. Hope you find the help and support you need, whether with us or elsewhere.


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I too am sorry, I found your presense here and your words usefull, and meaningfull.

I hope you find what you need wherever you go.


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I'm sorry that you haven't found sf to be what you wanted or needed. You are always welcome to come back anytime you feel the need. I hope you're not leaving cause you're feeling much worse about yourself and feel that there's no hope for you. I wish for you the best, in your life and in your world. Sending you love and hugs and support for you and a sincere wish that your life improves to your liking.


love, least xoxoxox
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