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I found this web page take a look..

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just read it, thanks for posting it up.

i'm trying to think what coping methods are there. its hard.
but i suppose, any thing that your life ivolves right now. any thing your doing (e.g college, go to a club each week or play console games) i supose if you try to compleate it, or get better at that thing in your life, you've got a goal to stay around just a tiny bit longer. and if your in a bad way right now, like no money and every things a struggle, you could look at stuff like college and think 'once i compleate this bit, my life will get better'.

the college one is what i use as a coping method, to keep on doing this. or i will think im a failure or some thing, so i say to my self (even if i dont belive it) im smart. im strong. and i can do this, and i will show every one who doupts me i can.

i just keep saying it almost as if the more i say it, the more likly it may come true. and i keep saying to myself, it will come true! i will be a happy, succesful person one day. and i wont quit now

...wow i babbled on alot:unsure:
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