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i fucin HATE that word

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okay, i dunno about you, but who else hates that word! ill only write it once, RAPE,
i cant stand it! i cant stand to hear it, i cant stand to say it i hate even looking at it!!!
its just, to me, is so horrible.
and i HATE when people use it so lightly! like " Oh no! *insert word here*" when they are kidding around!
does anyone else feel this way?
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I can feel the pain coming out of your post. Would it be right to assume that the word you hate has very personal meanings for you? As I know you don't like that word, do you find 'Sexual abuse' any better? I will shorten it to SA for the remainder of the post so thatI am hopefully not offending you, nor anyone else.

The way you write about that word shows that you feel very strongly about it, very possibly because it has happened to you. If it has happened to you, have you ever had any kind of therapy to help you deal with it? SA in any form is harrowing, and if you have had to go through that, and have not had support, is it something you would consider? Dealing with SA in therapy allows you to work through the pain, and to come out the other side, where it does not hurt anymore. Maybe, if what I have guessed is true, then you might feel differently about that word, if your own inner pain and experiences, stopped hurting you. But then, that is totally a guess, and could be totally wrong, so feel free to correct me.

With regards to the word, it does not overly bother me, but then it is not an issue that is personal to me. There are other words that I do not like, mainly because they trigger flashbacks, or memories, or whatever (which is why I guessed what I guessed about you).

I do however, agree that it is used very lightly, often as a joke, but people who have some ignorance around the subject. However, it can also be used by people testing the water to see how people would react, ie people who have had some sort of issue with it, and have raised it in convo to see how people react.

I'm sorry for this useless post. I really hope I have not offended you in anyway, or stepped out of line.

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That happened to me, a long time ago, but I"ve never forgotten the feeling of fear and helplessness.

I was a parent on a high school band trip, and on the bus going home afterward one of the high school boys was joking about it. I could hear him clearly, he was only a few rows ahead of me and my daughter. (she was in my apt when I was raped - she was only 2 yrs old at the time) I got cold chills and half rose out of my seat and said loudly, "that's not funny!! would you be laughing if it happened to your mother, your sister, your girlfriend??" The whole bus went completely silent and no one said anything for a few minutes.

The next day at school one of my daughter's friends made some comment to her about her mom having a temper. She said, "well, she had a reason to go off - rape isn't a laughing matter."

No one ever mentioned it to her again. But I'll bet that kid never forgot it.

I still get uneasy and have bad dreams at that time of year, every year...

I'm completely with you on that one! when i reported the guy who did *that* to me, they made me actually say the word. i hate that word! we should kill that word...ya...
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