I gave my self a new goal !

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  1. Sylar

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    :laugh:lol well it's kinda temporary objective but I feel kinda alive
    after pointless days of living
    as ridiculous as it may sound my new objective now is to collect
    about 3,300 $ to buy a brand new powerful computer
    since mine now is 4 years old !

    Processor - 1 x Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 / 2.4 GHz
    motherboard -Gigabyte GA-X38-DS5 - ATX - iX38 - LGA775 Socket
    RAM - Kingston HyperX 2 Go DDR II - 800 MHz / PC2-6400
    Video Card - nVIDIA 8800GT/G/HTDP 512
    HDD - Maxtor DiamondMax 21 HD 320 Go
    DVD-wr - Samsung Super-WriteMaster SE-S204N
    SoundCard - Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Platinum
    Monitor - LG L1982U-BF - Écran plat - TFT - 19

    those are the specs I calculated in this company's site in my country

    well now I have to figure it out one way or another :laugh:
    I prefer to think that life is a puzzle , that way it's more fun :smile:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.