I get attached to people online.

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  1. dvnj22

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    I think they are my friends and they end up screwing me over and I get depressed and feel like shit.I feel like an idiot and I'm ashamed that I do this. I know I shouldn't trust strangers, but I do. Maybe because I don't have friends. I don't know.

    I feel like a fool. My self esteem is so low, and I feel a pathetic loser.

    I met someone on an Internet forum, I thought we made a connection, but I was banned from the forum because I argued with someone who attacked someone for having depression. Anyway I was happy to have been banned, but I wanted to give the person I meet my email (which is anyomous btw) - so I made another account just to pm that person, then they told the mod it was me and they banned me, and made fun of me. I know this is dumb, but it really bothers me. It bothers me because it bothers me. Meaning I'm such a loser to do stuff like this and everyone must think I'm an idiot. I'm pathetic.
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    The same thing happens to me all the time...even on this site. I get close to someone, and they leave, forget I exist, or end up hating me. Most of the time, I didn't ever do anything to deserve it. Not only can I not trust strangers, but I can't trust any of my family or anyone else offline. So I guess I've resigned myself to being alone. I hope that you can find good friends, whether online or off, because you deserve them.
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    Sorry you feel this way *hug. Unfortunately not everyone takes their online friendships seriously. I know from experience too. I think, as is the case with all sorts of friendships, you're going to make good ones and those that are negative. Fact of life suppose. Don't let it get in the way of making new friendships.
  4. dvnj22

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    What made me feel bad too and was getting caught with the second account. I wasn't planning on staying, just wanted to pm her. Now it looks really embarrassing. I know I should let it go, and I'm probably catastrophizing it as the end of the world (or my world)
  5. Witty_Sarcasm

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    Thanks, but I think I am truly done with getting to know new people. It ends badly every time, and I've been hurt enough all my life. You shouldn't feel bad about what happened on the other site, it seems like those people were rude to you and had no reason to be. You aren't pathetic for trying to stand up for someone, they are pathetic for putting you down. It all just seems unfair and I'm sorry you had to deal with that.
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    this happened to me (on this site, too!)

    i started to really like someone on here (it's hard for me to like someone in the first place), but anyway, me and this person messaged back and fourth- and we had a real understanding, 1 no one else has ever had with me. she understood my issues, and i understood hers. it was 1 of those times... i have to log in to the forum just to see if she messaged me type of feelings- i had no one else to talk to at the time, so this person was awsome

    anyway, 1 day, just like that, she just, stopped replying- just like that. not sure if she decided to leave, if life got in the way or what ever, but i've not heard from her since- and it's ashame.

    i feel the same way about people replying to my threads. i'll see someone replied to my post and think... well, this person likes me- i'll message them and see where it goes from their. but 9 times out of 10 i'm wasting my time