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I get jealous everytime I hear in the news that someone succided

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by seithkein, Oct 5, 2008.

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  1. seithkein

    seithkein Well-Known Member

    I read Google news everyday and I read everyday cases of where someone killed themselves, I just get jealous that they are at least in peace and not suffering anymore. Do you feel jealous sometimes too.
  2. itmahanh

    itmahanh Senior Member & Antiquities Friend

    Never jealous but sometimes I envy them that they finally had the strength to do what I've tried several times. And at the same time I feel sorry for the loved ones left behind as I know they are about to start down a painful road filled with what if's and why didnt's and cant see the peace that the one that has died has found.
  3. I-Died-In-My-Dream

    I-Died-In-My-Dream Well-Known Member

    I get jelouse that they didn't fail. And it always says that they had never attempted before. First time success, wish I had the guts =(
  4. Reki

    Reki Well-Known Member

    I've always thought it was sad. There was a thirteen year old girl who killed herself because of what someone said to her. I remember when I was thirteen and made a lot stupid decisions and had a lot of close calls, I look back at some of those things and think "Man, I can't believe I actually did that.". I always wonder if it would have been the same for those people if they had the chance to look back and reflect. Their story was a sad one and the ending was just as sad. I couldn't feel jealousy for that even if I wanted to.
  5. Dave_N

    Dave_N Guest

    There's no way of knowing whether they are at peace or not. All we do know for sure is that they are dead and they are never coming back. Who knows, death may be even worse than life?
  6. Stranger1

    Stranger1 Forum Buddy & Antiquities Friend

    We all know we are living in a hell on earth already! So how do we know what is going to happen after we quit? No I am not jealous. When the time is right I will Do it myself, and it is a private affair. I don't need anyone standing there saying he had big cojones!! I will just go with the flow and let things happen as they are. Don't really have a choice now do I?~Joseph~
  7. itmahanh

    itmahanh Senior Member & Antiquities Friend

    Worse? I dont think so. Good or bad, atleast it would be different.
  8. gentlelady

    gentlelady Staff Alumni

    I do not feel jealousy for those that succeed. I am sorry to know that things had gotten so bad for them they felt there was no other way out. Knowing how that feels, I feel great despair for them and their situation.
  9. downunder

    downunder Well-Known Member

    I have also felt jealous just about hearing about a death and wishing it was mine.
  10. Dave_N

    Dave_N Guest

    I suppose this is the reason why suicides are not published by the media. Still, I kind of would like to know if there were suicides in my area.
  11. ethelred

    ethelred Member

    Me too. I always remember a girl that hanged herself and I think it's obviously not that difficult if a 14 year old girl did it. Once it's done it's done.
    Every day I try to give myself greater courage to do it. It's just a matter of time really.
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