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    I get so frustrated when people don't understand what I am going through. I don't blame them because they don't understand. It seems like most people think that anything that goes wrong with the mind can always be fixed with medication or therapy. Today my dad told me that "you just have to pull yourself out of it". Nobody seems to understand that there is something physically wrong with my brain except maybe my psychiatrist. I didn't chose for something to go wrong with my brain. It just happened. I know that it's not my fault, but I still have to deal with it along with the challenges that I face everyday. I can barely function in society. Every place that I go, I have severe confusion. I feel spacy, confused and have a hard time driving because of it. I always feel like I'm exactly the same as everyone else and it's very hard to function in society when I'm always thinking that way. I just don't understand why it is so difficult to understand how something could go wrong with the brain that can't be cured with drugs or therapy and that mental problems aren't always temporary. A lot of people would think that I'm just a loser. I used to be really successful. I'm not a loser. I'm handicapped because something went wrong with my brain. I have no control over it. I've tried the meds and therapy. The meds don't work and talking about it doesn't help me. My previous psychiatrist has run out of ideas. I'm going to try and see a different one. I doubt that they will be able to help me any more than the others have, but I can't stop trying. If they can't help me, I'll probably see another. I suffer too much to just quit. I would rather die and be done with it, but since I can't commit suicide, I guess that I'll have to keep seeking help.
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    WOW....that is a lot to be going through, and I'm sorry to read/know that is all hitting you at once.

    Yes, it sure is frustrating when people don't understand, and its gets really really old explaining it all the time - I feel you on this.

    I (personally) don't think medication is the answer to everything, and Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) plays a huge role in getting better IMO, of course.

    You are NOT a loser at all, and don't let anybody make you feel any different. None of this is your fault, you are hurting like so many of us here.

    I realize this was just your "let it out" or "vent" so I just wanted to let you know I read it, and I felt compelled to reply.

    I hope you have better luck with treatment in the future.

    Good luck and best wishes.
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    I actually understand what you are going through. I have a condition called c.r.p.s. or reflex sympathetic dystrophy. The pain is unbearable and I was told by everyone including every doctor or specialist that it was imaginary just stop thinking about it and you'll be fine. [ before I was diagnosed]. When things changed and I lost the use of the arm and it twisted and became disfigured and then spread to my other arm ALL the specialists ran to help but it was too late. even after years of nerve blocks only part of 1 arm could be saved.
    I live in severe pain[ the nerves fire constantly] everyday but now that it is visible I get all the help from everybody even strangers because they can SEE the difigurment.
    They cannot see your brain therefore their understanding goes out the window. It's been many years for me [over 13] and the level of pain will never subside but I am thankful that strangers can see me and I do not have to face what you are going through.
    It still amazes me that there are people, family, and even doctors that have no understanding of an internal non visible injury such as the brain.
    My condition affects the autonomic nervous system and like blinking or heartbeat I have no control over what happens to my body. I had a blood pressure of 39 over 82 for 3 months and could not even stand. They could do nothing. the brain is ruled by the autonomic system ,hell it is the system....What is wrong with people that they can't get that.

    I am glad you are not giving up, keep going and try, that is all you can do until someone out there comes up with some help
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    As I read W Miller's post i thought of a friend of mine. Then I read ded22's post. Hugs to both of you! A good friend who is 700 miles from me is dying. The part of her brain that controls her blood pressure is not working. It was 2.5 years before she was diagnosed. She has 1-2 years left before this kills her. He blood pressure will be normal when she is lying down but drop way down and not recover when she sits up or stands. Doctors do not know why it happens nor can they do anything to help her.

    Doctors are just starting to look at and realize how the bacteria in our intestines affects our minds, how a change in the type or amount can change how we feel and think.

    Please keep trying. Hopefully your next Doctor will have some better ideas and will be able to help you.
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    I honestly have nothing to add but a hug :hug: and keep talking because we are here for you.
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    Thank you for the responses. I really appreciate them. I'm in so much pain mentally and I just feel so alone and don't know what to do. For the most part my parents have been very supportive, but they can't understand what I'm going through or do anything to help me. If it was my Schizophrenia or a chemical imbalance it seems like the meds should have worked to correct it. I was always really intelligent and I think that I still am, but something is terribly wrong. I don't understand what's going on and it's constantly on my mind and I'm constantly terrified of it. Suicide is constantly on my mind as well which is why I spend so much time on this site.