I get so mad sometimes.

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    So, I've been getting really tired of people saying little 7 year olds can be annoying when I talk about my nephew. People don't understand how much he has been through for someone only 7 and granted he can be annoying but his reasons are far different from a typical 7 year old. I see in 6-7 my nephew coming to a site like this because of his past and that scares me.

    Dylan has a mother persay, she gave birth to him but that's where it stops. She took care of him until he was about 1 and a half and after that took off. There were phone calls at intermitent times..when she felt the need but after awhile they dwindled off. She didn't call, write, or say a word until he was 5 years old. She didn't send a birthday card, a christmas card, an I love you card...nothing. On his 5th birthday she called and begged to see him, my brother broke and said yes. She was around for about 2 months or so and then took of again. She's not a parent or a mother, she's a egg donor as mean as that sounds. She stopped calling again because she was going to let a 5 year old nad 9 year old sleep out in a tent by themselves and as I flipped out and went and picked him up. You DO NOT let children sleep out in a tent by themselves, no matter how protective yout hink the neighborhood is because nothing is safe these days and seh lived at a busy intersection. ::dry:

    So she was gone again, from 1.5-5 I took care of him. My brother, a sperm donor, claims to be a good father, but he hasn't bought Dylan clothes, food or any necessities in years. Probably about 6 to be exact. My father and I buy him clothes and socks etc. and I buy him food to cook, so he doesn't go hungry. I go to all his school meetings with teachers, I bathe him, clean him, take him places. My brother thinks that buying your child a toy every now and then makes a great father. Well, it doesn't. Love and spending time and bonding with your child makes a good father. He has gone through women like candy..and he has dragged Dylan through those relationships letting his heart get trampled on without even caring. See, Shaun cares more about his life, women, and his job more than his own son. He has had Dylan attached to two women who he endedu p loving dearly and when they split his heart was shattered. He called Lauren his mommy lauren, Shaun drove her away. He called Megan his new step mommy, Shaun drove her away. Now at 29 years old he is dating someone who's 18. Dylan is only 11 years younger than her..that's wrng in my eyes. And he's getting attached to her and it's only a matter of time before that one crumbles to the ground as well.

    I've had my now 7 year old nephew tell me 'Auntie you're more my daddy then my real daddy is' That's sad that he sees it that way. So before you say things like all 7 year olds are annoying think about it before you say it..because some 7 year olds have had a screwed up little life...for my nephew I'm trying to fix that for him so he knows that people lvoe him dearly. but like i said it's a matter of time before he signs up here and says I hate my daddy..my auntie raises me i feel like shit.
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    Kids are great! One of my younger sisters just turned 8, and the other will be 7 in a few months, and she can't wait :laugh:

    Your Dylan sounds great BTW :smile:
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    Dylan ROCKS!!!

    He's sweet, bright, articulate and a credit to his auntie. :hug: