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Discussion in 'Poet's Corner' started by solost22, Jan 30, 2012.

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  1. solost22

    solost22 Member

    This poem I wrote about 2 years ago as well. Its about suicide and i think alot of people out there can releate to it.

    I give up

    This isn't how I pictured my life
    thinking about death and wanting to die
    I was happy and free like a kite
    or so I thought but its only a lie

    It all started when I became a teen
    and life got confusing and I felt blue
    everyone around you feels like there mean
    but really they're just ignoring you

    On the outside I smiled a lot
    but inside I frowned more
    I couldn't really connect the dots
    what was I living for

    Sometimes I would picture myself dying
    and it would actually calm be down
    you still reading this? Do you think i'm lying
    I feel like I was beat into the ground.

    I lay awake at night thinking it through
    if killing myself would be wrong
    do you know what its like to feel blue?
    do you think I'm just singing a sad song?

    Well tonight is the night you will see
    I'm telling you this as I cry
    go on leave forget about me
    because tonight is the night I will die

  2. your schizophrenia

    your schizophrenia New Member

    Nice poem... and so sad.
  3. Madsys

    Madsys Active Member

    sad but beautiful and definetily (mental blank cant spell that...) relatable...
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