I give up.

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Jen23, Mar 9, 2009.

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  1. Jen23

    Jen23 Well-Known Member

    Things aren't getting any better. I'm really just tired of it. I've got no fight left in me.
  2. nightowl15

    nightowl15 Active Member

    hey im sorry if you have posted your problems on hear before, i must not have seen it but do you mind telling me whats wrong? why are you feeling weak like this?
  3. asri

    asri Well-Known Member

    hey jen,

    life is worth fighting for and not worth giving up on. try and talk? may ease your burden a bit. probably give u a fresh perspective? help you to reach out? hang on in there...

  4. Godsdrummer

    Godsdrummer Guest


    I know how you feel. That's why I am here too. I once felt that things wouldnt get any better. And I actually thought things would get worse. I couldnt see my way clear thru this enveloping fog of darkness that was surrounding me.

    I can't tell you that my life is perfect or that tomorrow everything will be ok, but I can tell you that somethings in my life, while maybe not better, are different, and I do have good days from time to time.

    So things can improve with time. I know that and can feel that. And I couldnt 6 months ago, or even 2 weeks ago.

    For now, take a deep breath, relax as best you can...and use us to lean on as you need, and you can and you will get thru this.
  5. justafool

    justafool Well-Known Member

    Instead of fighting, maybe you just need to surrender. Surrender to what? I don't know, but you do.
  6. Jen23

    Jen23 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for your replies. i've just been feeling overwhelmed and depressed at the moment and am having trouble bouncing back.
  7. Beautiful Disaster

    Beautiful Disaster Forum Buddy SF Supporter

    good one.. acceptance might be the answer instead of fighting everything

    got me thinking :blink:

  8. mdmefontaine

    mdmefontaine Antiquities Friend

    hi.....we all know how you feel...

    it is very positive that you are reaching out for support...
    keep reaching out and let us help you until you get stronger....
  9. Jen23

    Jen23 Well-Known Member

    Thank you. Coming here has been helping quite a bit. Hearing other points of view and even just reading other posts has been a big help. Thanks.
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