I give up

Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by unhappy2, Jul 24, 2012.

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  1. unhappy2

    unhappy2 Banned Member

    I just want to give up and I have my way to do it I just can not stand the roller coaster of being depressed not being depressed All I do is stay on the computer all day
    Iam a evil person who everyone would be better off without
  2. the human race is an evil , sick , twisted group of people that the whole world would be better off without . It's if you decide to change whats supposed to be and make the best of it that differs a person from everyone else . dig deep down and find that piece of yourself that makes you different and run with it . you're worth it .
  3. twoasoneevolving

    twoasoneevolving New Member

    forgive me if i seem harsh but i thought we were'nt supposed to post things such as this on this forum. and i feel if you had a way you would have done it. every one is evil in some way shape or form. its when you have those bad thoughts and do not act on them that makes you stronger. theres not always going to be some one saying oh no please please dont do it. and what happens when you dont get that attention. when you dont have some one to say please dont do it. when the final moment is there. it doesnt matter what others think it matters what you think. and honestly most people have a sick warped perception of them selves because they are so easily influenced by others. this is not a race or a game of whos horse is bigger. every one has had bad things happen to them and every one has baggage. its hard to find a girl who hasent been molested, physicaly or mentaly abused and same for the men. I am a surviver. and you are two. I dont know you but i know that each and every person handles things differently. copes differently lives breathes at there own pace so stop., and take care of yourself. be yourself. and in time grow stronger. living life doesnt get easier in time we just grow stronger.
  4. Effect

    Effect Member

    You cannot give up.

    Why you ask ? Because there's always a hope. Everyone is going through the same depression rollecoaster like you. But we are struggling to get over with and believe me, I'll do everything to pull you out aswell...

    PM me if you really sure you want to do this.
  5. unhappy2

    unhappy2 Banned Member

    iam doing better thanks
  6. unhappy2

    unhappy2 Banned Member

    twoasoneevoling Sorry did not know about what could be posted here or not new here
  7. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    As long as one does not post the method or get too descriptive then that is ok Crisis lines can be used by anyone that needs to talk that needs support at the time they are struggling
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