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I got a ginny pig!!!

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yay i got a ginny big yesterday!! shes black and white and has long hair and shes so cute!!! i named her Simi (short for Simi-Demon out of a book that i read) IM SO EXCITED!!!


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Gimme me...guineas are my absolute favs and mine died just befoe Christmas :sad:

Be kind to that guinea and love it.

They likes salad and fruit (need it to for the vitamin C) and cos they are pack animals, if u have one on its own then you need to spend time playing and cuddling it.

Mine used to like being in my sleeve :laugh:
Oh they likes grass and dandelions too.


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I've had guinea pigs many times, one of them lived over 8 yrs, which is a long life for a guinea pig. Be sure you don't use red cedar or pine shavings for bedding as both give off very toxic fumes that can do terrible damage to the respiratory system of little critters.:ohmy:

lots of carrots and lettuce - I used to give mine Romaine lettuce cause it's a darker green and has more nutrition than head lettuce. Alfalfa hay is a good source of vitamin C. And dandelion greens in the summer. We used to take ours out on the lawn in the warm weather - watching him closely of course - and he'd mow the lawn and fertilize at the same time.:biggrin:

Yes, they can be very loving critters. Enjoy your little guinea pig!:smile: They are wonderful and loving companions given love and good care!

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***Ivy, I left a little note for you in the 'rat babies' thread. I'm a great guinea pig lover, having had them for pets since I was a teen. They're not known for their great intellect, but mine were smart enough to know my footsteps when I came downstairs to feed them. THey'd start their "reeting", but only when they heard MY footsteps!
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