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I got a PROMOTION! (I'm a "white coater" now!!)

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I guess you could say I am floating on air right now, in a really good mood! Yeah, I guess you could say that. ;) I work in the Pharmacy and tonight, I was given a promotion to having the authority to wear "the white coat" I now count out all the medications, enter the scripting, order the meds, take care of the patients and make sure their perscriptions are all set, occasionally I can find myself verifying a perscripton. It is so awesome, I am just really excited abotu it. I had a GREAT night at work, it went by SO fast, it went by great, I love the people in the pharmacy they're so fun and amazing. Eek. Just can't stop smiling. Yay is me!!!!! haha I made mom take a photo of me in the "white coat" it's just a great thing I am so happy and proud.

And extremely exhausted, so I am going to study for this Psych. exam I am terrified I am going to fail, and then I am going to BED!

Night y'all!

p.s. attatched is me and my new attire. sexy i know. ;)

****mod edit sarah-sorry hun cant have any pictures of youreself on here its for youre protection but congradulations on the promotion its a big step.
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Thats great news!!! :biggrin:


ps. ermm one thing i would say is that theres privacy rules on here about photos of members, so more than likely a mod or admin will delete the photos.


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Gosh, I thought for a minute it was a white coat in the "coming to take us away, ha ha" sense of the white coat!!! :laugh: Many congrats on the promotion!
Shygirl i had the exact same thought :shy: i was like:

'ohnoes!!! their comming to get me!!' :ohmy: :hiding:

lol and my mum allways tell me the people in white coats will be comming to get me soon :ohmy: :sad:

lol no the white coat I want i got hehe I knew I'd probably confuse some people.

My dad's friend always used to joke with me "the men in white coats are going to come after you" And when i came home with my white coat last night alls my dad could do was laugh.

thanks guys. i am still ubber excited.
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