i got get over my girl friend and its been 4 months

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by DoM, Apr 25, 2008.

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  1. DoM

    DoM Member

    i lost my girl friend in january then we got back togever and lasted about another week. she will not take me back and by god ive begged and begged my fone bills sky high.

    i dont no what to do some 1 said this will get easier in time i cant see it changing and i find my self booing at work, everyday for no apparent reason ive already been on my works roof twice. and wondered weather to jump or not

    How the fuck do i get through this i feel like total shit and nothing is making this pain go away.
  2. andyc68

    andyc68 Guest

    been there, done that. heard the usual light at the end of the tunnel chat and didnt believe it.

    but they were right, in time it does get better, you will find ways to cope and take your mind off things, not all the time but enough to help you deal with it.

    you will be ok mate
  3. ASG

    ASG Member

    Breakups hurt for everyone.

    A lot of people feel the way you do right now .. and then something happens, and it often happens at either a time or in a place you weren't looking.

    They meet someone else who absolutely rocks their world and wonder how they could ever have been so hung up over the previous relationship. They see everything from a completely different perspective and realize just how much they weren't seeing before, just how many things were wrong or disfunctional with the previous relationship.

    I was with someone on and off for almost 5 years and that's exactly what happened to me. I'm still in wonderment that the dissolution of that relationship bothered me as much as it did now that I think back and realize how mismatched we were.

    What you're missing is probably the intimacy, although I wouldn't presume to know exactly what's going through your heart and mind. Believe me you can not only have that again but it may very well be in a much closer relationship.

    You have to give it more than four months though.
  4. Random

    Random Well-Known Member

    4 months is not a whole lot of time for a broken heart. It may seem like forever but the heart heals very slowly. I know you don't want to hear it and it seems pointless for people to even say it but really. Give it time. It does work. It just doesn't work fast. There isn't a magic pill for it.
  5. DoM

    DoM Member

    i dont think i can wait for it to go away
  6. falling_away

    falling_away Member

    break ups always suck. my girlfriend broke up with me a while back and i still think about her all the time so i know what you're going through. good luck man
  7. fromthatshow

    fromthatshow Staff Alumni SF Supporter

    Yup broken hearts take a long time to mend. I fall in love easily. I fell in love with a girl before I was over the last girl. I've been at home the last month without sleep thinking about the two girls I've loved and lost over the last two years. I don't know how long it's going to take to get over it.
    I had this dream of getting married and us being the only two people in the world and you know happily ever after and now I'm realizing that it's not coming true and it makes me want to die.
  8. GoldenPsych

    GoldenPsych Well-Known Member

    I agree with everyone on here. A broken heart can take months to heal...4 months is not a lot. If you loved her you will probably always carry a flame in your heart for her until you meet "the one". My friend was with this guy for about 18months and when they broke up she was upset for about a year. She even saw other guys after this and she still said things wernt the same as they were with guy number 1. It wasnt until she met the guy she is with now, that she finally got over guy number 1. It took 3 years. She doesnt feel anything for him at all now.

    You have to have patience, you will get there eventually. Take each day as it comes and you will find that not as much time is spent thinking about her and then when you do it wont hurt as much.

    Good luck. xxxx
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