I got my own place finally!

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    I have some very awesome news everyone! I finally for the first time in my entire life got my own place! :joyous: Even better is that I have thee bestest roommee ever! My supernova Brudda and closest kith in the entire World! :hugtackles: I LOVE him so very much! :love_heart: I couldn't ask for a better friend then him! I don't think that could ever be possible to be 100% honest! We both have for most of our lives even as little children been super zuper close! :balloonhearts: We have almost everything in common way more that most other two people could ever have! We wanted to be roommees since early 2008. So last November or October we finally were able to start saving. We looked for places at about Last December or this January to price places. I did most of the home searching sense me Brudda was way too busy working long sperratic hours going to work whenever they'd call him even to the point of having 0 days off some weeks. Then starting on March 11th this year on a beautiful bright Monday Morning I started calling all these affordable apartment complexes here in town asking many questions receiving much needed information. After that me Supernova Brudda and I started filling out some applications for em and we got approved by the one we live in now! We got approved by June 26th or 27th this year and on June 29th at 1:30 p.m. on a hot Saturday we MOVED in! :happy: Not only to our very own first home but also the best apartment complex in the entire county! Voted best apartment complex in the county for three years in a row! Safe, clean, quiet, friendly, cheap, and friendly! So we went out and celebrated our success and joy! We both had this very strong beautiful feeling that this was the place we were gonna get even before we got the call telling us we'd been approved! I finally moved out! I left my abusive mother and my other hateful family behind, kicked them ALL OUTTA my life and do NOT miss them! They thought we couldn't do it?! They thought we were too weak and spineless?! But oh yeah NOW WHAT all them bullies and jerks?! They are all terribly WRONG! I wrote my mom telling her off and how I do NOT buy into her stupid pseudo apologies and eyedrop tears telling her how abusers like her NEVER change, and how she screwed up big time, telling her you don't know what you have till it's gone, and it's way too late for us to ever be even semi close! I have not talked to any of them in I think three months and I do NOT miss them even a little itsee bitsee bit! And I changed my cell phone number to stop her from pestering me with unwanted annoying phone calls. As for my landline I made sure to keep our number unlisted and private too. I even warned that if she showed up and pestered me that I would get a restraining order against her! Even better too is that my Brudda and I got to take our beautiful loving cats with us too! :cats009: I do know it has been a few days shy from 5 moths sense I last posted but we just got internet on the 6th of this month. So I am sorry for the delay in posting. But my main reason for this post was to encourage those of you who are stuck in a rut or maybe are abused yourselves, which I hope is NOT the case?!:concern: That you CAN TOO get UNSTUCK! But please if you are in an abusive relationship PLEASE USE EXTREME CAUTION when leaving your abuser whether it is an abusive parent wife or husband etc... Whether your an abused child husband wife or anyone you deserve to leave your abuser and to be safe as well as your children if you have them! If a coward and wimp with no self confidence or respect like me can leave and find some peace so can you! If you do need assistance there are hotlines for abused children and for abused husbands and well as abused wives. You should NEVER have to live in humiliation, shame, fear, guilt, and in physical pain! Even if you are an abused HUSBAND! And if you have children of your own being abused by their own mom or dad they DESERVE protection too! YOU CAN DO IT! IT WILL GET BETTER! EVEN I AM LIVING PROOF! :victorious:I am a survivor abuse!:pride: YOU CAN BE TOO! :grouphug:
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    Hi Survivor Lady :) I am so happy to read your amazing post. what a great new chapter in your life !! I so like how you handled things by making sure the abusers could not continue to abuse you. And the advice you wrote at the end of the post is right on ! Congratulations to you for how you got out. And how you have set bounderies. How you are protecting yourself and your new found freedom and life. So great to read it all :tweetiepie::dancing_flower2::fireworks::encouragement:

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    Oh thank you Flowers! Sorry for not thanking you before I just now found out I had a response to this post. Sorry I wasn't trying to be rude by not responding earlier. :dancing_flower2: