I got yelled at for leaving a paper towel in a tuperware

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    I cleaned out the tupperware and left a paper towel in the closed container. "Don't you See the issue here? " no. Its just a paper towel. Does it stink or something? I cleaned it out. "No it doesnt smell. You don't get it because I HAVE TO DEAL WITH IT" yah.... why am I punching bag again?
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    Omg that sounds like my uncle...he would go nuts and say people have five brain cells if they didn't put everything in Tupperware. Then he would throw tinfoil all over if people used it to wrap up stuff. That's pretty stupid for someone to yell at you because of something that happened on accident. They shouldn't be treating you like that at all. It doesn't even sound like that big of a deal.
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    I think the most important part of the quote is the last part. Is there a reason why this person seems to feel that they are carrying more than their share of responsibility in yr household? It may not be about the household at all and may be a reaction to something greater in their life, a frustration they may be taking out on you...

    I think perhaps when they are not angry, you should try to have a calm talk to them about what is really on their mind.
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