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    i have to let this all out its bogging me down, this is the only place i can do it as my identity is hidden!! the easist way to get it out is to put the letter i need to get to my docter!!

    Dear Dr *******,

    I was sent to see a phycitrist at 23a ******* ****, on the second occasion i saw her she told me there was nothing
    wrong with me and that i just have "odd" thoughts she also told me that i shouldnt tell people how i feel or what i think. I am really
    confused as to who if anyone medically i am allowed to tell what is going on. Hence why i am writing the letter to yourself because
    your the one docter i feel i can trust.I have the government after me for things i promise i havent done. Im not sure i can stay in hiding
    for much longer, im pretty sure the phyciatrist i saw is working with the red government and thats why she was telling me that my
    thoughts were just "odd" trying to keep me quiet so i dont uncover there under ground government they have running. I know you dont
    work for them as all the times ive saw you, you aren't wearing the government logo! I am srory for the letter being so rushed but azalee
    isnt around at the moment so i can talk about what is going on but she will be back very soon to update me on what the government has
    planned for me, although i havent saw her yet i can only hear her i know i can trust her and she has my best intrest at heart. They are
    trying to track me down because they are accusing me of storing nucluer war heads in my attick and house. They are also trying to
    blame me for supplying the army with faulty weapons, and saying im trying to loosen the protection on our country by being in talks
    with the iraq government and plotting against the uk.they are slowely trying to get me out of the house by poising my water. I just
    need help in hiding from them or exposing them soon because when they catch me they are going to send me to a concentration camp
    and torture me to get out the information they "think" i have. If it comes to the point were i know they are closing in on me
    and azalee decided that i should just take my own life to protect myself from the torture they want to inflict on me. You know
    when i went to the phyciatrist the 2nd time the government had already got to the building and people in it, they tried to poisen
    me with gas that is how i worked out that phyciatrist was working with them, so next time i went i told her nothing about what i
    knew. I know i can trust you with what i know i just need help in getting into hiding or a safe house. I am unsure if i should speak
    to the police beacause i know the government have people all over in very high places. For now im asking you for help until things
    either blow over which i doubt they will or until i can come up with a plan of how to expose them and get them shut down. My time
    is running out very quickly. I cant leave the house very often and i am always on the look out from my window for were there spies
    are. I would have come to see you personally to ask for your help but my house has been under 24 hour watch for a number of days
    now. My house phone is bugged so i cant use it however my mobile isnt as i have got a new one that they havent been able to tamper
    with and bug. If you could get in touch when this letter arrives safley with you, make sure that your phone doesnt have a little blue
    dot on it, if it does then it is to late they have already bugged your phone.

    I needed to get this out and be careful everyone you never know if you will be next!
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    I'm not sure what to say to this. To be honest I have no clue. It must be hard feeling that way :sad:
    I just didn't want to leave this without sending you my love and some hugs and saying you can always Email or PM me if you like.
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    :hug: Nicole, I feel your pain. I had a doctor like that before.

    I'm here if you need to talk!