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I guess I am Losing Weight

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So today I attended my usual spin class. There are several people in there who I recognize. Most of them have been attending the class as long as I have. One of the regulars returned today. She had been gone for a couple of months. When she sat down and saw me she was shocked at how much weight I had lost.

So I guess I am not as far behind as I thought. When I told her that I was not done losing weight she told me to be careful to not disappear.

It was kind of nice to hear something like that on a crappy day like today.


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:stars: Congrats.

Its always nice when someone else notices when you lose weight. And remember, when ever you get a weight loss comment your offically allowed to celebrate with cake! :cake:


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thats' great to have someone confirm your weight loss like that..
well done you!
a piece of pie sounds good :donut:


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>_> No pie today.... I need to save the money. I think I am going to avoid the pie place I like for a while.

I just wish I could see the success of my weight loss more.
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