I guess I am supposed to be treated like shit and not be happy at all!

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  1. LynnD

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    For all of my life, my mom "K." has always made me feel like I was not good enough for her. I would work hard, study hard, be nice to people, you name it, but I was never good enough for her. She always has to find something to complain about, she is now accussing me of taking some drugs, which I have not taken, and I used to drink (but I quit drinking last year) out of curiosity as to why she is always drinking, and I can't figure out why she or many other people like to drink! It's disgusting and it makes you a stupid bitter person! I keep a journal tracking the days that she drinks and the number of drinks that she has on a day, I list these two things in the journal which I have hidden in a private place. I do this since she won't talk to me or anyone about her drinking, she refuses to admit that she has a problem, she will tell you off and swear at you if you bring up sny concern about her behaviour.

    Anyway, I cannot do drugs or drink because I am eplieptic, and I refuse to do either anyway since I have seen people who do drugs or drink become assholes and from what I have seen, nothing good comes from drinking or doing drugs. I alaso don't smoke since I'm allergic to the fumes.

    So does anyone else have any similar experiences to mine when it comes to a friend who drink or does drugs? Is anyone else treated like shit when another person drinks?
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    I can relate on several levels. First, my father was and is an alcoholic. He was never directly abusive, but just didn't participate in my life. In my opinion and through therapy I have discovered that neglect is the worst kind of abuse. Alcoholics and addicts are extremely self absorbed and self centered, leaving their children in a constant approval seeking state. Second, I have struggled with alcoholism and drug abuse myself. It is damaging to the self and anyone that cares about you. So good for you in recognizing all of this, stay away from all that shit, it only perpetuates and increases misery. If you want to talk more in depth about it feel free to PM me or just post again. One of addictions major signs is when the person in question vehemently denies that they have a problem. Alcoholism in particular. Since it is "legal" most people see their drinking as normal, even when their lives begin to fall apart in front of them. They will blame everything but the obvious- alcohol. Sometimes it helps to remember that alcoholism is a disease.
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    My whole family were alcoholics they get mean and cruel when they drink i hate the disease it destroys any sense of family
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    You have a choice - either please yourself or try pleasing others around. The one that's most logical is to just focus on yourself. If she wants to be childish (not accept she has a problem), immature (reacting by swearing to someone daring to suggest that she has a problem), and a bully (finding something wrong in whatever you do), let her. It's up to you how you react. But in relation to the thread title - you are NOT supposed to be treated like shit, and certainly deserve at least the chance to discover what being happy can do for you.

    If it's possible to do so - give yourself a break from her. To me, it's clear she's not helping you. Sorry if this is harsh, but it's not something I'd wish upon anyone.
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    It's not harsh, I wish I could leave but, since I live with my mom who is working full time and can afford for both of us to live in the house I am living in, stupid government welfare system won't support me on renting out a room in places available that charge $150.00 per month to live in a room in a house. And I don't have any other family in the province I live in to go live with, and because of my disability (epilepsy and other things I am trying to work on) and other personal reasons, I can't get a job. I am really frustrated with this bullshit, she drank and got bitchy on Christmas Day, then again yesterday. I wonder what will happen today?????