I guess I'm not totally useless

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Wasn't sure where to put this, didn't think it was right to put it in the positive forum because I'm not exactly feeling "positive" but if a mod feels it should be moved then feel free to do so.

I have been on an all time low recently, one of the lowest points of my life and these past few days I've kept myself to myself which is why I haven't been online at all. Today I went out to go and get some shopping and on the way back I walked past a seating area and I seen a woman crying.

I don't like to see anyone upset so I walked over to her and asked her if she was okay and she said she was. I asked if she was sure and she burst into tears. I sat with her trying to console her and she said her friend passed away in her arms in the hospital this morning. It was clear that it hit her hard and she was still in shock because it was so recent and it also hit home with me because backk last week I heard a very good friend of mine passed away. We sat talking, I didn't go into details about myself but I said I can relate to her feelings and she was talking to me about her friends last days, how everyone knew she was going to die and no matter how much she tried to prepare herself, after the death she still wasn't prepared and at this stage I tried to hold back my tears because it was very sad, and not only that but it bought back memories of my step-mum.

I sat with her for about half hour, let her cry on me and also to let out her feelings. I don't know if it helped her much, but I think she appreciated I was there for her so I guesss I'm not totally useless.

As I walked home I couldn't help but cry because even though I hope I helped her it bought back a lot of sad memories about my step-mum and also my friend who I heard passed away last week. But it's okay.. as long as I helped her then it's okay.


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Resistance that was a lovely and brave thing for you to do.

When I was in New York I was crying in the street one day (long story lol) and a girl came up to me asking if i needed help. I was shocked, as most people just walk on by. I said 'no thank you' as I was too embarrassed to accept help when I didn't really know what was up...

.. but i shall always remember that girl. For her to a) take the time out to want to help a stranger, b) actually have the courage to ask if i was ok and c) to show me that there is hope and there are nice people in the world.

You are one of them. Please take care of yourself too


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That's just beautiful. I'm happy that you could do that for someone. I know that many people here often feel useless and unwanted. I'm one of those. But every once in a while I do something right and I get to see someone make one of those real, genuine smiles that I don't see them doing often enough. I think we all need to feel like you do once in a while. I'm happy for you and I pray that anyone reading this will get to feel the same kind of thing soon.
Ah resistance, and again, you show your inner strength.

I'm not sure I would have been able to do that, much as I may have liked to.

It takes a very brave person, and a compassionate one, to help someone you've never met before, and I'm very glad for you, to offer assistance like that is truly a wonderful thing to do.

You brought a smile to my face with this one




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That's a wonderful thing to do hun! It's also a goof way to make new friends or in my experience it has been. Some you may never see again but no doubt they will think of you. :hug:

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