I guess I'm that ugly

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    Basically in not so many words I've been told I'm quite ugly by different people. In top of dealing with everything else in my life now this. I'm convinced now that not existing is probably the best thing for everyone. Cause honestly there's no point in living when people treat you like a leper. Maybe it explains why I have no one in my life and that I have no friends. I hope no one goes through this in life I don't wish it on anyone. And if you are in my situation don't be like me and tell yourself different and keep going on in life
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    ((((((((((Alphonso))))))))))), there's more to life than looks! That one I know for sure. Beauty is often smoke and mirrors; an illusion! Want to get better looking? Go get in shape. Grab yourself some muscles, and you're set. Besides, it helps you stay fit and strong, body and mind. HOWEVER, good looks aren't going to make you happy.
    I'm sorry someone made you feel badly about yourself. Don't give them a single more ounce of power now, okay? Think about something YOU like about yourself, and focus on that. I bet others will agree with it.
    Start with friends here, okay?
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    Funny thing is I am in shape. I'm quite muscular but just plain ugly to others I guess. So not sure what else I could do. No matter what I do I'm still ugly to people
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    Beauty is not merely external but also from within. You have to be strong for yourself. People who criticise easily forget about their own failures. Let people judge you and try to ignore them. Yes, the nasty looks and comments are horrible and affect you but you know yourself what you are like.

    Don't let others judge you as they forget to look at their own issues. Be strong my friend.