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I guess the time has come..

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Here I am.. Im sorry for wasting everyones time.. But this week has been really bad.. I've been under alot of stress.. The girl I love with all my heart all of a sudden seems to really be mad at me.. She ignores me and says idc and stuff.. Im really sorry for wasting your guys time.. But it's like.. I feel like what should I exsist? All I do is create problems.. I feel like I'm really the mistake.. I'm the one who dosent even deserve to live.. I rarley cry but I'm crying now.. It hurts so badly.. I just dont know what to do..


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you're wasting nobody's time for starter's and next of all I dont think you create problems,maybe your girlfriend is just mad at you because it's a temporary thing.Perhap's try to see what's the matter with her and why she is angry with you.You do deserve to live let me tell you that and I mean it,you're a beautiful person who has alot to offer and dont let anyone else tell you otherwise always here for you.


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Relationships are tricky...My relationships suck and i tend to run away when i sense problems on the horizon so i m no expert on this.....Just DON' T do anything stupid...Even great relationships have their problems.Even great realtionships come to an end sometimes...Perhaps u need to hear that everything is gonna be ok..But i ve been through that sentimental hell and i can only tell u that it is not worth it...Stop punishing urself
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