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I've never participated in something like this before. I don't know what to say here except that I guess I don't fully meet criteria for this site...I'm not suicidal, in the sense that I will never kill myself because I just couldn't. I really believe that I will NEVER go that far.

but I will say that tonight was a bad enough night that I did something pretty out of character and joined this. so hopefully something good will come of it.

oh yeah, I'm Sarah, 16, from Mass., love music, writing, skiing, my friends, hate cruelty, anxiety, and perfection.

guess that's all. I hope anyone who's reading this knows they're loved.
I'm not sure exactly why it was such a bad night, but it was kind of full of overwhelming anxiety...I don't know, my parents thought I blew off my best friend to go smoke pot, I'm really nervous and stressed about this school year to come, and then sometimes I just get sort of unprecedented anxiety and I don't know how to handle it.

but it's out of character because usually I wouldn't seek help or support in this kind of way? I'm not sure, and I don't know how I feel about it yet, but thank you so much for your reply/concern. I appreciate it :)
thanks, Joe, it's actually kind of amazing how just those really small words of encouragement make me feel a little cheerier. take care too!
i'm brand new here. certainly is awkward to come onto this forum, even for me at 38 years of age. but nobody here is a loser or anything. various lives, interests, ages, jobs, success levels, etc. but we all have something in common. you, me, joe, and everybody else here. you might not find complete solutions to your problems here. or maybe a post you make might get overlooked (forum dynamics). or someone might reach out to help but end up depressing you more. but you will hopefully make a few cyber friends with a few quality people who give a darn about you, even though you are a stranger to them. nobody can fully know what you are going through, just like you cannot fully know my pains. but we are all variations of the same theme; all of us "get it" even though our experiences are different. you will find at least some help you need. and hopefully the rest will come from you. the same formula applies to all of us.

so what's your concerns about this school year? the work pressure? the social anxiety? awful snacks in the vending machine? other?



The biggest loser ever to live.
Welcome to the forums Sarah! :biggrin:

And may I say thats a beautiful avatar you got there! :smile:
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