I had a cheeseburger for thanksgiving!!!

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by Godsdrummer, Nov 25, 2011.

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    I want to say, I know, other people had it worse, but that's not true. Even the homeless got served thanksgiving day meals.

    It's my own damn fault. I didnt follow directions correctly on my last bottle of norco, and took them like candy. Now, I am cold turkey detoxing. And I figure since the end of Aug, I have taken like 300 of those damned pills, for my back. So I stayed home spent the day in bed. Got up in time to have dinner, and then went back to bed.

    AND I CANT GET THESE STUPID SUIDICAL THOUGHTS OUT OF MY HEAD!! I swear at one time yesterday, I heard voices, or at least my thoughts were talking to each other. Hell, I even came up with a new way to do it. But, I am not suicidal....at least at the moment, I dont think.

    I HATE ME!!!
  2. Sadeyes

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    Hi Bill...I know how that feels quite literally, because a few yrs ago, I went through a similiar day, but it was New Years Eve...felt so damaged and all alone...so glad you posted, and hope you are feeling better
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    Cold turkey detoxing sucks. I too had to do that, because I was addicted to Vicodin. My parents never knew. My supplier was mad. But I needed to do it. I felt that I would be unable to be hired anywhere as long as I was on the stuff.

    Yes it sucks; yes, you will feel pain; yes, you will be sick... but it is worth it.