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I had a nightmare about my ex-boyfriend last night

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I had a nightmare about my stalker ex-boyfriend last night. I dreamed that my mom had to leave the city for work for a few days, and my dad had died, so I had to stay at my stalker ex-boyfriend's house. He wouldn't speak to me in the dream, and I confronted him, and he "apologized" in the dream after I basically forced him to talk to me. I was supposed to spend the night at his house in the dream but I apparently left and went to some hotel and spent the night there, and then I got the bill for the room and it was $87.50 and the misses that gave me the bill said it must be a mistake, and went to check it. I then woke up crying. That is the first time in my life that I woke up from a dream crying. Holy shit. And, to make the worst of it, my stalker ex-boyfriend found my e-mail account somehow that I have been using for two years since he went and fucked up my other one, and he is now spamming this one with newsletters. So now I'm using a side e-mail account I only used for school, and I only have certain people on there that I trust. I'm not taking any chances.


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Sounds like your subconscious tried to bring some closure to your mind.
Although these kind of dreams are unpleasant they do actually have a use in that you can resolve stuff in them. :hug:
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